Municipal Buildings | Church Construction

Constructing a new building can be a complex and time consuming project. Buildings codes, building placement and zoning issues can be frustrating but Morton can help with expert advice to make the project run smoothly.

You want a building that can house all of your equipment, with a floor plan that meets you need. Whether you are an elected official for a local, state or federal government agency or the leader of a congregation, we can construct a building your community can be proud of now and for years to come.

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    The people of your congregation need a place where they can worship and celebrate their faith. Morton Buildings has the experience and resources to create a building where parishioners can learn and grow. We’ll work with you and your building committee to plan for a facility that suits the...

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    Building a fire station, ambulance facility, township building or pavilion is an important responsibility that will affect your entire community. It can also be a time-consuming process as you navigate building codes, zoning issues and general questions about the size and functionality of your new building. At Morton Buildings, we...

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