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At Morton, we take pride in giving our customers options and flexibility when planning a project. A Morton home offers clear-span construction that allows for maximum creativity when designing floor plans and other features for your home. Morton also boasts an exclusive Energy Performer insulation package that delivers an efficient option in heating and cooling, as well as exclusive Hi-Rib steel for siding and roofing that requires virtually no maintenance.  On top of it all, Morton provides an industry-leading warranty that allows customers to reap the benefits of our buildings for many years into the future.

Morton customers can choose their level of involvement during construction, whether it be single-source accountability for turnkey construction or customer-source accountability to provide a lower price and expanded finishing options.

  •    Single-Source Accountability: Morton will provide turnkey construction and one contract for the entire process. This option warrants the highest cost per square foot but offers very little risk and easier financing options.
  •   Split-Source Accountability: Morton will provide an insulated building shell and a general contractor will provide all remaining finish. This option costs less than single-source accountability, but will require more than one contract for the project and more work to secure financing.
  •  Customer-Source Accountability: Morton will provide an insulated building shell and the customer acts as general contractor. This is Morton’s least expensive option, but requires multiple contracts for the project, all additional finishing costs and increased day-to-day interaction from the customer.

While Morton will provide the insulated shell of your home, additional varying costs to finish the home may be necessary in certain cases and can affect the final budget of your project.  Additional items such as concrete, heating and air conditioning, electricity, interior walls, flooring, countertops, cabinets and plumbing with fixtures must be considered when planning your project. Depending on the features you ultimately select for your home, additional finishing costs can range from $50 to $100 per square foot.

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