Build Your Business and Preserve Your Bottom Line

At Morton, we provide flexibility in design at a lower-than-expected price. We’re committed to partnering with businesses and institutions like yours, and have experience working on a variety of building projects, including:

Retail Spaces Office Buildings
Storage Facilities Airplane Hangars
Veterinary Municipal Buildings
Clinics Dairy & Livestock Facilities
Banks Restaurants
Churches Workshops & More

We specialize in post-frame construction, which allows us to offer excellent alternatives to steel-structured commercial buildings that are not only cost-effective, but also energy efficient, strong and aesthetically pleasing. So whether you’re a design professional looking for an experienced construction partner or a business owner looking to expand, our designBUILD team can coordinate the design and construction of your project.

Morton is ready to listen and work with you to develop the building plans that will be most suitable for your particular building needs.