Foundation Options

Morton Foundation System

Morton Buildings has engineered its own foundation system that offers superior strength for your new building. Using specially designed components and superior materials, the foundation system can be used in all climate conditions for a variety of building uses.

This exclusive foundation system consists of several components: A concrete column, an internal threaded adjustment bracket, stainless splashboard, internal column connector and a wood upper column.


In addition, because the foundation system utilizes concrete in the ground, there is no need for treatment, providing an eco-friendly foundation option for your building.

“Patented Product used with permission of Perma-Column, Inc.”.

Three-Member Laminated Column

Morton’s three-ply lower columns are hydraulically compressed during lamination, providing a stronger column than solid posts of the same dimension. Lamination gives Morton the ability to add column stiffeners and/or increase the dimensional size of lumber for high-demand situations, like high wind areas and grade to eave heights greater than 16’. A full-length treated column, like those used by others, will also make it harder to get a straight wall because treated lumber has a tendency to warp and twist as it dries out. The style and size of each laminated column is matched to the load requirements and design of your building.

Lower columns are treated to protect against fungal decay and insect infestation with 0.8 pounds of treatment per cubic foot versus 0.4 or 0.6 found in other building systems. Morton allow for 100% penetration of sapwood treatment to the lower columns, above industry standards and other companies which may only have preservative on the outer edges. This provides superior protection of the wood, even when compared to others’ three-ply laminated columns.

Morton Laminated Column with Stilts

Morton Buildings Laminated Column With Stilts

  • Sturdy laminated columns that won’t twist or warp
  • Columns are anchored using stilts to provide maximum uplift protection
  • Columns are embedded in poured concrete footings

Laminated Column

Morton Buildings Laminated Column

  • Sturdy laminated columns that won’t twist or warp
  • Concrete-mix or ready-mix footings conform to the hole without voids
  • Columns are anchored using rebar to provide maximum uplift protection
  • Highly efficient on a level sight
  • Lower columns protected against fungal decay and insect infestation

Column Mounted to Monolithic Slab

Morton Buildings Columns in Concrete

  • Good solution in rocky, difficult-to-dig soils
  • Works well with a poured concrete floor
  • Thickened edge meets heavy load requirements

Formed Wall with Footing

Morton Buildings Formed Wall With Footing

  • Ready-mix concrete with reinforcement
  • Column sockets anchored to ½” or 8” plated concrete anchor bolts
  • Laminated column bolted in column socket