Our Roll-Formed Steel

In order to get the strength needed to carry roof loads, flat sheets of steel are run through a roll-forming machine. To form the ribs, the steel is stretched and bent. As a result, especially when using full hard steel, there is a strong likelihood that this stretching may result in hairline cracks in the paint and zinc. These cracks may result in future red rust.

At Morton, our commercial-quality Hi-Rib steel is more flexible and includes a heavier zinc coating and FLUOROFLEX 1000TM   paint system, which resists cracking during the roll-forming operation. It’s just one more reason why, when you choose Morton, you’ll have a building that looks better and lasts longer.

Our Hi-Rib Steel

Hi Rib

Morton Buildings’ panels feature high ribs with a rounded profile. Generous bend radii offer improved paint and metallic coating flexibility. Many other builders provide ribs that have a lower profile and have more, and sharper, bends.

Steel panels used by many other builders are formed from 29 gauge, full hard steel, which has a higher tensile strength. But, with Morton’s higher rib height and thicker gauge, our Hi-Rib™ panels are stronger. In fact, Morton’s panels have rib height up to 33% higher and steel thickness that is up to 25% thicker than panels used by other builders.

Morton Hi-Rib™ panels are better looking on your building. Because of the rounded profile, the ribs reflect sunlight from various angles. Stronger and aesthetically pleasing—what a winning combination!

Galvanized and Galvalume

Steel is commonly recognized as a strong material. When unprotected and exposed to the weather, however, steel oxidizes rapidly and red rust forms. If the steel is left unprotected, it will likely rust through in a matter of years.

To protect the steel, Morton applies a coating of zinc or a mixture of zinc and aluminum. The two coatings commonly used are galvanized and Galvalume®. Galvanized is 100% zinc, while galvalume® is 30% zinc and 70% aluminum.