Our Warranty

Morton buildings are backed by the strongest, non-prorated, non-pass-through warranty in the industry. Many companies claim to have strong warranties. However, it is important to understand the details of the warranty you are receiving.

At Morton Buildings, all claims are handled in-house by company employees, meaning you will not be passed off to a manufacturer to handle a claim. You will also not be left responsible for the labor on most warranty work.

Written with easy-to-use language, our warranty serves to directly inform, not confuse, our customers. At Morton, we honor our commitment to you, a pledge that dates back to the first Morton building constructed more than six decades ago.

Morton is truly with you from concept through completion and beyond…

“Being a wood structure in this part of the country, we not only have concerns with the wind but also with termites and what have you. I was more than pleased with the warranty that they gave me in this building and I believe it’s going to be here for my lifetime and a lot longer.” – Ron, Oklahoma

“Morton Buildings has the best warranty than anybody I found by far. It gives me peace of mind – I haven’t had to use it, but if I ever do I know it’s there. Morton’s been around forever and I expect them to continue to be around forever.” – Larry, Illinois

“I have confidence in knowing that if I need something else, they can fix it or do whatever needs to be done.” – Tracy, Tennessee 

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