October 17, 2016

Building a Luxury Farm Home in Oklahoma

Eric, a farmer, and his wife Kimberly, a veterinarian, had a strong familiarity with Morton Buildings when the time came for the two of them to design their custom-built dream home in Morris, Oklahoma, a 45-minute drive from Tulsa.

“I grew up showing horses and anybody in the horse world’s heard of Morton Buildings,” Kimberly said. “They build a lot of barns – really beautiful barns.”

The couple previously chose Morton for the construction of Kimberly’s veterinary practice in nearby Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. They also constructed a 48’ x 52’ Morton workshop just one month before breaking ground on their home.

“We asked (Morton) to first build my veterinary hospital,” Kimberly continued. “So they came out, built the hospital. It’s crazy energy-efficient. It’s been just a great building."

“So when it came time to build our house, that’s kind of the first place we went was to see if Morton also did homes.”

Of course, Morton builds homes.

“We were thinking about building a house,” Eric explained. “I had done some preliminary sketches and everything. (The sales consultant) and I sat down and brainstormed lots of different ideas … it was really a design in progress because it started with some simple drawings and went to the house that it turned out to be.”

“It didn’t match the original (design) only because it turned out way better than we ever imagined that it would. Things kept getting added to it, new ideas and things like that. It turned into a heck of a project.”

This Morton home, designed in the shape of a big arc as an homage to Kimberly’s veterinary practice (Bent Arrow Veterinary Hospital) and Eric’s farm (Bent Arrow Farm), is approximately 3,400 square feet. It was designed with an open floor plan and also featured a suspended walkway that connects each end of the home.

The main area of the home was also designed to simulate the inside of a hay barn due to Jeff’s profession in the hay business. The family used reclaimed barn tin in the roof and prominently feature exposed beams and rafters to capture the vintage look of a barn.

The exterior is made up of HardiePanel siding and cultured stone wainscot. The roof features Morton’s Hi-Rib steel. The home also includes large, open porches and an area for a fireplace. Future plans include adding a pool, a two-car climate-controlled garage and an outdoor living area attached to the south side of the house.

And while Morton offers its usual flexibility and versatility through the design process, a series of construction methods are available to potential customers in the market for building a Morton building. A customer can choose their level of involvement on most Morton buildings. These options were not lost on Eric.

“On the shop, it was totally turnkey,” Eric said. “On the veterinary practice, the first time we ever did a project with Morton, I did all the interior work, (Morton) did the shell. On this home, it was a big mixture. We used my cabinet guys and a lot of my people on the inside and all their stuff on the outside.”

“That shows the flexibility of they can do the project from the dirt to the roof or they’ll do certain portions of it and allow you to come in and do other parts of it yourself.”

The reaction to the home from friends and family has been overwhelmingly positive. It’s the family’s most recent chapter in a strong, productive relationship with Morton Buildings.

“It’s incredible to see how (Morton) puts these things up and they just last so much longer than all the other barns and buildings,” Kimberly added.

“We love our home so far. Our home has just been great.”

Click here to see more photos of this project.

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