Farm Leasing With Morton Buildings

August 14, 2014

In more than a century of operation, Morton Buildings has earned its reputation of doing what’s best for its customers. Morton has been ahead of the curve for decades, and now we want to show you how to save money and become the owner of a state-of-the-art structure from Morton.

Through a partnership with Louisville, Ky.-based AGRIfinancial Services, Morton offers building leasing on farm and agricultural buildings. The concept allows members of the American farming community to choose between deductible lease payments or the benefits of asset ownership. Our leasing creates more financial flexibility for our customers, utilizing favorable deductions so that you can write off your building on a schedule most favorable to your budget.

Morton’s leasing options provide a variety of additional advantages to potential customers looking to build. Perhaps the largest perk is AGRIfinancial Services providing funding during the entire building construction process, including concrete, electrical and landscaping work. Customers are able to eliminate large down payments and won’t pay a dime until the building is ready to use.

The funding provides a significant increase in cash flow, allowing capital retention for farmers that are exposed to the annual uncertainty of varying yields, prices, input costs and other factors. Other leasing advantages are 100% financing, less after-tax costs due to faster deductions and the ability to structure as a non-tax lease.

A non-tax lease works best for customers seeking a longer term on a lease that may be equal to or greater than the depreciable life of a building. This strategy, used frequently on new buildings or expansions to existing buildings, forces the lessee to take depreciation since the lessee essentially purchased the leased building for income tax purposes.

Conversely, a tax lease may work best in environments where the lease has a shorter term than the depreciable life of the building. Customers reap the benefits in this scenario because the entire lease payment is deductible by the lessee.

Morton Buildings has come to know what’s important to its customers and the American farming community has reaped the benefits of Morton’s workmanship for generations. For more information on leasing with Morton, visit

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