Morton Buildings’ DuraPlank® Concrete Splashboard

August 30, 2022

Morton Buildings’ DuraPlank® Concrete Splashboard Adds Strength, Durability 

Morton Buildings’ innovative concrete splashboard, DuraPlank®, featured at this week’s Farm Progress Show in Boone, Iowa is now being expanded nationally, helping to make farm buildings stronger and longer lasting.

Sean Cain, Morton Buildings president, said the patented DuraPlank concrete splashboard is the first of its kind in the post-frame building industry. It is offered as an optional upgrade for new buildings that utilize the Morton Foundation System®, which consists of lower concrete columns that eliminate wood in the ground, avoiding natural decay and protecting against potential costly repairs. The splashboard is connected to the top of the columns, extending around the bottom of the building perimeter and providing zero ground-to-wood contact.

Cain said until now, the splashboard has been available only in select regions. Beginning Sept. 1, it will be offered by more than 100 Morton construction centers located throughout the United States to meet customer demand for the most durable buildings possible.

“Our DuraPlank splashboard offers an environmentally friendly, permanent solution compared to standard wood splashboards that have the potential to rot, decay or simply look worn over time,” Cain said. “As part of the Morton Foundation System, the result is a high-quality building with lower maintenance costs that farmers can pass down to future generations.”

Strength and Flexibility

DuraPlank not only helps prevent decay but also provides even more durability against extreme winds, as well as accidental machinery run-ins. That’s because the composition of the concrete and construction of the splashboard were designed to offer ultra-high strength and flexibility, according to Graham Morris, Morton research and development engineer.

Morris said the concrete splashboard contains a rebar made from a special composite material that is subjected to a pre-stressing process. That process, which is common in the bridge construction industry, creates more flexibility enabling the building to absorb loads like high wind events without compromising structural members. In addition, the rebar material will not rust like steel rebar, adding to DuraPlank’s durability.

“DuraPlank is much stronger than a standard wood splashboard,” he said. “The highly specialized concrete that makes up the DuraPlank has a compressive strength of 8000 psi, over twice that of a standard garage floor.”

And while DuraPlank can be used in many types of buildings, it is particularly beneficial for farmers. “Many farm buildings don’t have concrete floors,” Morris noted. “Instead, they may have gravel or bare dirt, which means they are exposed to more moisture. By eliminating wood-to-ground contact, DuraPlank will excel in that environment.”

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