Energy Operations and Maintenance Facilities

We oversee the project—Engineer, Procure, and Construct (EPC), resulting in quicker project delivery through superior collaboration.

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The Morton Advantage

Morton has specialized in the construction of O&M facilities for over a decade. We utilize post-frame construction, which delivers a tremendously strong structure that efficiently resists wind and seismic forces, even for buildings in excess of 100 feet. You’re able to achieve sustainable benefits without prohibitive cost restraints, as post-frame includes many sustainable design aspects by default. Where newer energy codes require higher levels of insulation, post-frame is a particularly good option as the wide column spacing allows for continuous insulation between structural elements, fewer interruptions in insulation material, and less chance of thermal leakage.


Morton operates over 100 employee-owned construction centers that serve as logistical/local hubs for construction services and subcontract networks. Morton also operates 8 manufacturing facilities where many of our building components are produced. Our vertical integration allows us to control quality, timelines, and reduce shipping costs.

The comprehensive services that we provide all revolve around our construction-led, design-build process. You will have earlier knowledge of total project costs with fewer change orders. You are able to retain all rights to all information (plans, designs, specs, etc). You will only commit to each phase, one at a time. Plus, we are confident in our craftsmanship and back it with easy-to-understand warranties that are the best in the industry.

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