Veterinary Clinic & Kennel

As a business owner, you want a long-lasting facility that provides exceptional service for the animals left in your care. Our veterinary clinics not only provide a safe, dependable place for owners to bring their pets, they’re also a sound investment for your business.

From small, private practices to large clinics and university learning complexes, we can help maximize your space and your budget. Morton’s post-frame structure allows you to customize your facility to your clinic operation.  Your ideal layout can include a reception room, exam room, surgery room, break room, pharmaceutical storage and boarding facility.

Kennels have become an increasingly popular form of animal care for owners who are on vacation or out of town for extended periods. To complement their veterinarian services, many vet clinics now offer kennel services to their clients. Since a trust relationship has already been established, this can be an ideal situation. We also have extensive experience working with veterinarians to create veterinarian and kennel facilities.

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