Our Financing

Our Financing

AGRIfinancial Services

Morton Buildings offers building leasing on farm and agricultural buildings through AGRIfinancial Services. The concept allows customers to choose between deductible lease payments or the benefits of asset ownership. The system utilizes favorable deductions so that you can write off your building on a schedule most favorable to your budget.

Our farm leasing options provide a variety of additional advantages, including funding during the entire building construction process, eliminating large down payments. The funding provides increased cash flow, allowing capital retention for customers. Other leasing advantages are 100% financing, less after-tax costs due to faster deductions and the ability to structure as a non-tax lease.


Admirals Bank

Morton Buildings customers interested in financing a garage or hobby building have the option to choose between a 10-year loan program and a 20-year loan program thanks to a partnership with Admirals Bank. A simple application process coupled with fast loan approvals provide customers an easy and stress-free way to build with Morton.

The process allows customers to keep more money in their pockets with low monthly payments and no equity is required. Same-as-cash options and large loan amounts, some as high as $84,000, help borrowers manage short-term finances.


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