Our Financing

Morton Buildings has teamed up to bring you the most competitive farm & agricultural building leasing products on the market. Whether you are looking for the benefits of a deductible lease payment, or want the benefits that come with asset ownership, Morton and AGRIfinancial Services have financing options to fit your needs.


Why Consider Leasing a Building?

Many people are familiar with the concept of leasing a vehicle. However, far less are aware of the financial benefits that can be achieved by leasing a building structure. Before you consider traditional financing options or even paying cash for your building, it is important to understand why so many people are choosing leases and the reasons behind it. Leasing is a way to make improvements to your property and receive the benefits of faster deductions compared to depreciation. Essentially this equates to more money in your pockets.

Minimize capital outlays

Many people underestimate the importance and value of holding on to their cash. With a lease, you don’t pay a dime until your building is ready for use. A lease also eliminates large up-front down payments. When the building is complete, you begin making your scheduled payments.

Maximize your tax position

Lease payments are always fully deductible and allow you to deduct more than a standard depreciation schedule. Also, with the reduction/elimination of accelerated depreciation, leasing remains the best way to leverage deductions.

Here are some examples


Leasing a $250,000 building today over 5 years could provide more than $10,000 in savings when compared to traditional financing. When calculating your real cost on a building you must consider your after-tax cost. This means traditional financing or even paying cash could cost you thousands more on your building purchase.

How does it Work?

A Building lease contract can be set up for 5, 7 and 10 year terms. You are essentially renting the structure over the term and this is where you receive the tax benefit and eliminate the hefty capital outlays. Payments are structured to cover that value vs. the outright ownership of the asset.

Leases are available with annual, semi-annual and monthly payments. Residual values can be set at 10%, 20% or 30% based on your objective. This is the amount of the purchase price you would pay at the conclusion of the lease if you decide to purchase the building at that time.

Morton Buildings, Inc. has partnered with AGRIfinancial Services to offer affordable financing options to our customers. This partnership allows us to provide prompt, professional service and competitive pricing. AGRIfinancial Services (AFS), a division of CGB Enterprises, is a leading provider of capital to rural America. Based in Louisville, Kentucky, AFS provides loans and leases to help farmers own land, operate their farms and make improvements.