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Whether flying planes is your hobby or business, aircraft hangar design and construction by Morton Buildings will provide a quality structure that keeps your investment safe and out of the elements. When you want a hangar for your light jet, crop duster, single-engine aircraft, glider, helicopter, twin-engine piston aircraft, biplane, turboprop, military aircraft or commercial airliner, Morton Buildings has the experience and resources to handle your project from concept through completion.

Traditional aircraft hangars are steel-framed buildings that are difficult to insulate and even worse to heat and cool. The steel acts as a thermal conductor that transmits heat and cold from the outside to the inside, which means it is not only inefficient, it is also very difficult to maintain constant temperatures. Another issue with traditional hangars is condensation. Condensation can form in steel-framed buildings leaving your aircraft, engine, and instruments vulnerable to rust or deterioration.

However, Morton Buildings’ post-frame construction, is the better way to store your aircraft that allows for an efficient, low-maintenance, quality hangar. Morton Buildings aircraft hangars are built using naturally insulating wood-framing, high-quality steel exterior and Morton’s exclusive Energy Performer® insulation system.

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Customize Your Steel Airplane Hangar Exactly to Your Needs

Morton Buildings understands you need a dependable, functional metal airplane hangar where you can be confident storing your aircraft. That’s why we have nearly limitless features and options to choose from to ensure your building works for you now, and for years to come.

One of the most important and most used components of your hangar is your door. Morton works with many different door manufacturers to ensure that the building is constructed to fit the door you want. Morton hangars can accommodate bi-fold, sliding, hydraulic, swing, overhead and accordion door configurations.

We carry a quality line of walkdoors. Our MB910 walkdoor is “thermally broken” to reduce thermal heat loss and condensation build-up—a great choice for insulated buildings. The MB FiberSteel® door, our premium walkdoor, is recommended for a variety of customer applications and offers a crossbuck design option. All of our walkdoors are available with or without windows.

Another functional feature you may consider for your building is Morton’s acoustical steel. Morton’s exclusive Hi-Rib™ acoustical steel is one of the most efficient sound insulation systems in the construction industry. Installed in a band at the top of the wall or in the ceiling, Hi-Rib acoustical steel allows sound waves to pass into sound-absorbent materials in the wall and ceiling cavities, which significantly improves the sound quality in your hangar.

Morton offers options to achieve the look you want for your new hangar:

  • Hydraulic Doors: One-piece hydraulically operated doors in a wide variety of sizes ranging from 10' x 10' to 80' x 22'.
  • Bi-fold Doors: A variety of sizes available up to 70' wide.
  • Wainscot: Add style and protection to your building with wainscot. A wide variety of finishes are available.
  • Porch: Add visual interest and outdoor living space to your hangar with a porch. Various lengths and widths available.

From overhangs and wainscot to porches, cupolas and even additional living quarters, Morton has the expertise to provide you with the ideal steel airplane hangar for your aircraft.

Benefits of a Morton Metal Airplane Hangar

Morton metal aircraft hangars are designed to withstand hurricane strength winds and meet local load requirements. In fact, Morton stands behind its commitment to quality with the strongest, non-prorated warranty in the industry. Your Morton hangar is protected by a 50-year snow load warranty with no weight limit and a 5-year wind load warranty with no wind velocity limit so you can be confident your aircraft will be safe when you are done flying for the day.

From the smallest fastener to the trusses overhead, Morton leaves absolutely no detail to chance. If we’re going to put our name on it, we’re going to make sure it’s done right. That’s why we employ the people who manufacture the building materials, deliver them to your site and construct your building. It’s the only way we can assure you the high-quality, energy efficiency and “new building look” that defies time—guaranteed.

Morton Buildings recognizes that a superior building is best accented with an outstanding paint coating. That’s why Morton offers the FLUOROFLEX paint system. FLUOROFLEX 1000 provides superior protection against fading, chalking, paint peeling and red rust. Because it resists the effects of ultraviolet rays, rain and pollution, it retains color and gloss far longer than standard consumer or commercial paint coatings. Morton is proud to offer a 35-year warranty for most colors against chalking, fading and peeling of FLUOROFLEX 1000.

Our post-frame buildings feature an exceptionally large built-in wall cavity for insulation when compared to steel-framed buildings. Steel-framed buildings compress insulation, which affects the R-value. Wide column spacing in wood-frame buildings allow for continuous insulation between structural elements. Where the insulation is interrupted, wood has natural insulating properties, unlike steel components. Morton’s exclusive Energy Performer insulation system provides superior condensation control, insulation, and protection of your investment.

Working with Morton for Your Aircraft Hangar Design and Construction

We are a team of experienced professionals, and we'll work hard to give you a finished product that suits your needs and meets your exact specifications. It’s no wonder the vast majority of our projects stem from referrals.

Your Morton sales consultant will meet with you to discuss your ideas and details for your metal aircraft hangar. Working with you, a building layout will be generated based on your specifications. As part of the larger Morton network, he or she will guide you through the entire process to:

  •  Arrange pre-build details, like concept development, building plans and quotes, site plan, permits and zoning details, budgeting and financing
  •  Oversee the building process, communicating with you throughout
  •  Check on your satisfaction after completion

Watch this video to learn more about planning your building project:

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