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300 Series Stainless Steel Internal Drive® Screws (SS-ID®)

While many companies claim to have rust-resistant or stainless steel screws, they are only using screws with stainless steel caps. Also, many install shorter screws in flat area of panel to cut costs. If water runs down the flats, it covers the connection and increases risk of roof-leak issues.

Morton Buildings has developed a true stainless steel screw—our exclusive Stainless Steel Internal Drive Screw.

Created to provide a color-matched fastener that would look better and virtually eliminate the possibility of rust, this fastener features a solid stainless steel head and shank, as well as a separate stainless steel and EPDM washer.

  • Installed on the rib of the steel
    • Requires a longer screw than others use, but raises the seal up out of the path of flowing water, resulting in enhanced weather tightness
  • Feature a solid stainless steel head and shank, unlike stainless caps used by others
  • Hardened carbon steel tip for drilling
  • Internal drive eliminates visible paint chipping during installation
  • Includes an EPDM washer
    • Highly resistant to deterioration by UV rays
  • Remains flexible in extreme heat or cold
  • Revolves independently to reduce damage caused by metal shards during installation

Galvanized Nail Fastening System

Morton’s double hot-dipped galvanized ring shank nails are 2 ¼” long and provide superior corrosion resistance. Double hot-dipped zinc-galvanized Maze nails used by Morton provide a zinc coating that is 500 times thicker than competitors’ zinc-coated fasteners.

Our ring shank nails include an EPDM (synthetic rubber) washer. These washers—highly resistant to deterioration by ultraviolet rays—remain flexible in extreme heat or cold. EPDM washers form an excellent seal between the nail and the steel. They are nailed through the high rib of the steel, so water is diverted away from the nail and the seal is out of the path of flowing water.

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