Roll Formed Steel

Our Roll-Formed Steel

26-gauge commercial quality Hi-Rib™ steel not only looks good on the roof and exterior walls, it adds unmatched durability.

All Steel is Not Created Equally

Inferior, imported products with untraceable metal content are common in the construction industry. Morton uses prime steel manufactured at our own plants—pre-engineered commercial quality Hi-Rib™ steel.

Steel panels used by many other builders are formed from 29-gauge, full hard steel, which has a higher tensile strength. But, with Morton’s higher rib height and thicker gauge, our Hi-Rib™ panels are stronger. In fact, Morton’s panels have rib height up to 33% higher and steel thickness that is up to 25% thicker than panels used by other builders. In addition, our steel panels are not welded but rather fastened with screws and nails that add durability.

Steel is commonly recognized as a strong material. When unprotected and exposed to the weather, however, steel oxidizes rapidly and red rust forms. If the steel is left unprotected, it will likely rust through in a matter of years.

To protect the steel, Morton applies a coating of zinc or a mixture of zinc and aluminum. The two coatings commonly used are galvanized and Galvalume®. Galvanized is 100% zinc, while galvalume® is 30% zinc and 70% aluminum.

Industry’s Toughest Steel

  • Arch-shaped ribs are 1" high and spaced 12"—the strongest architectural shape for withstanding water and weight
  • Rib height up to 33% higher and steel thickness up to 25% thicker than panels used by other builders
  • Hail impact resistant and external fire resistant, supported by the Underwriter’s Laboratory, the durability of our steel can translate into building insurance discounts for some customers

In order to get the strength needed to carry roof loads, flat sheets of steel are run through a roll-forming machine. To form the ribs, the steel is stretched and bent. As a result, especially when using full hard steel, there is a strong likelihood that this stretching may result in hairline cracks in the paint and zinc. These cracks may result in future red rust. But not with Morton.

At Morton, our commercial-quality Hi-Rib steel is more flexible and includes a heavier zinc coating and FLUOROFLEX 1000™ paint system, which resists cracking during the roll-forming operation. Our panels feature high ribs with a rounded profile. Generous bend radii offer improved paint and metallic coating flexibility. Many other builders provide ribs that have a lower profile and have more, and sharper, bends. It’s just one more reason why, when you choose Morton, you’ll have a building that looks better and lasts longer.

Acoustical Steel

Reduce the noise out of the inside of your building with Morton Buildings’ Hi-Rib Acoustical Steel. The superior interior finish of acoustical steel provides customers with one of the most efficient sound insulation systems in the construction industry.

Morton’s Hi-Rib Acoustical Steel is perforated then roll-formed at one of our manufacturing plants. When it is applied to your building interior, sound passes through the perforations to the vapor barrier and insulation, which provides a quieter, more sound controlled environment.

Learn more about our acoustical steel in this blog post!

Please contact your local sales consultant for more information regarding our roll-formed steel and check out our other industry-leading materials designed for strength and durability for your building needs.

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