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Hobby buildings designed and constructed by Morton are as diverse as the contents housed within. You may have heard them referred to as a “man-cave”, “she-shed” or lifestyle building, but essentially, it’s a structure that is used for an activity, interest, or pastime.

Our customers have used their Morton buildings for such interests as a pottery and art studio, a family game room, a space for music and instruments, doing meditation and yoga, a craft workspace, brewing beer, and exercising or practicing dance. Some couples split the space in their hobby barn so they each have separate areas for their own interests.

Many customers choose to house their collections and showcase prized possessions such as model trains, antiques, baseball cards, military regalia, hunting trophies, and photography. Mike Wolfe decided to house his treasured motorcycle collection in his Morton hobby shop. Whether you need a quiet space to write the next best-selling novel, or room to grow your hobby into a side business, Morton Buildings will work with you to plan for a hobby building that meets your needs and style.

Hobby Buildings Customized to Your Needs

We are able to offer a nearly unlimited selection of features for your hobby shed. From exterior siding options like Hi-Rib™ steel, brick and stone to cupolas, porches and doors, Morton buildings can truly reflect your personal tastes inside and out. The layout of your building’s interior is also completely up to you. Thanks to clear-span construction, your building has no load bearing walls, which means no walls to get in the way of your vision. You can also add features like acoustical steel to cut down on noise and Morton’s exclusive Energy Performer® insulation system to provide a comfortable and energy-efficient building year-round.

Whether you’re looking for a small, private retreat or an expansive space to show off your sports car collection, Morton has a hobby shop building for every budget and use, and can be customized to complement any existing structures, including your home.

Morton’s Hi-Rib™ steel is roll-formed with arch-shaped, one-inch high major ribs on 12-inch center. When a load is placed on top of an arch, one of the strongest architectural shapes, instead of collapsing, the force of the load spreads out and down the arch’s side. Our Hi-Rib panels are not only strong, they are also aesthetically pleasing and reflect sunlight from various angles. Our steel is hail impact resistant and external fire resistant, supported by the Underwriter’s Laboratory; the durability of our steel can translate into building insurance discounts for some customers.

Morton’s roofs are designed for long-term good looks, and they’re available in a variety of colors and roof pitches. The many available options for roof types include:

  • Gable
  • Monitor
  • Gambrel
  • Hip
  • Dutch Hip
  • Gable Dormer
  • Deep Fascia Overhang
  • Eyebrow Overhang

Overhead doors are used in a variety of applications and sizes in our metal hobby buildings. Your Morton sales consultant—coordinating with local subcontractors with whom we do business—can recommend which overhead door best meets your needs.

We carry a quality line of walkdoors. Our MB910 walkdoor is “thermally broken” to reduce thermal heat loss and condensation build-up—a great choice for insulated buildings. The MB FiberSteel® door, our premium walkdoor, is recommended for a variety of customer applications and offers a crossbuck design option. All of our walkdoors are available with or without windows.

Wainscot adds style and protection, which you can add any time in the life of your buildings. Finishes available include:

  • Steel
  • Moderra® brick
  • Novabrick®
  • Versetta Stone®
  • Masonry
  • Knotty pine

Morton Buildings recognizes that a superior building is best accented with an outstanding paint coating. That’s why Morton offers the FLUOROFLEX paint system. FLUOROFLEX 1000 provides superior protection against fading, chalking, paint peeling and red rust. Because it resists the effects of ultraviolet rays, rain and pollution, it retains color and gloss far longer than standard consumer or commercial paint coatings. Morton is proud to offer a 35-year warranty for most colors against chalking, fading and peeling of FLUOROFLEX 1000.

Want to see your color choices in action? Design your next hobby garage using our interactive Morton Buildings 3D Studio! From colors to texture to style, your final product is a printable, sharable, color rendering of your dream Morton building.

Benefits of a Morton Metal Hobby Building

Exceptional quality is the hallmark of a Morton. We’re only as good as our materials so we take full control of the entire process. We source and manufacture our own materials. We roll form our own steel, build our own trusses, doors, and so much more. Morton operates seven manufacturing facilities where many of our building components are produced. Our vertical integration allows us to control quality, timelines, and reduce shipping costs.

Regardless of the materials, a hobby building is only as good as the people who construct it. At Morton, we are true craftsmen who work full-time, only construct our buildings, and want to build structures that exceed your expectations.

Morton offers the most comprehensive warranty coverage in the industry. Our warranty claims are handled in-house, are not passed through to another supplier, and include labor and Morton materials.

Second and third generation owners will tell you their Morton buildings look like new after decades of use. From foundations to fasteners, every detail is designed for minimal maintenance. In fact, the reason we offer the industry-leading warranty is because Morton buildings:

  • Use FLUOROFLEX® paints because they resist moisture and UV light
  • Won’t corrode or rot because of treated wood, true stainless steel screws and rust-resistant ring shank fasteners
  • Stand strong against high wind and snow loads
  • Eliminate leaking and condensation build-up through roof pitches and ventilation systems
  • Control condensation and thereby protect insulation from moisture and sagging

Insulated Morton hobby shop buildings are more efficient than other types of structures. Additionally, Morton offers ways to make your energy dollar stretch even further with the Energy Performer® insulation system.

Also, our type of construction is fast in many ways. First, you can begin any time of year, as weather-related construction delays are rare. Once you begin, the amount of time it takes to get “under roof” is approximately half what you would normally expect from other construction techniques.

Working With Morton

Hobby sheds are the perfect solution if your hobby or collection has outgrown your home, and our goal is to make the planning and building process of your hobby barn as enjoyable and stress-free as possible.

When you choose to build with Morton, the experience is as solid as the building itself. Morton Buildings is a vertically integrated company. This means that you work with Morton Buildings personnel throughout the construction process of your hobby building. From discussing floor plans and building sizes with your sales consultant to watching a Morton truck driver deliver materials and a Morton-certified crew construct your building, Morton is here to serve you. We buy only quality materials and many of our building components are manufactured in our own plants to ensure quality from the ground up. One thing that hasn’t changed over the years is our dedication to providing the best to our customers.

We operate within a culture of accountability. Before, during and after completion of your hobby garage, we’re your one point of contact.

It’s no wonder the vast majority of our projects stem from referrals.

Your Morton sales consultant represents you. Your sales consultant will meet with you to discuss your ideas, building dreams, and budget. Working with you, the building layout will be generated based on your specifications. As part of the larger Morton network, he or she will guide you through the entire process to:

  • Arrange pre-build details, like concept development, building plans and quotes, site plan, permits and zoning details, budgeting and financing
  • Oversee the building process, communicating with you throughout
  • Check on your satisfaction after completion

Watch this video to learn more about planning your building project:

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