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Restaurant and Retail Design and Construction Services

Retail and restaurant construction projects have special requirements, which the contractor must thoroughly understand in order to be successful. The most critical one is schedule. Retail owners often have move-in dates timed to seasonal markets, and missing one can be a costly problem for everyone involved. That’s why business owners and franchisees around the country choose Morton Buildings to create inviting, cost-effective, and energy-efficient retail outlets, strip malls, and restaurants.

Our pre-engineered post-frame with exterior steel restaurant buildings and retail buildings can be easily customized with energy efficient insulation, windows, glass doors, ceiling lighting, drop ceilings, entryways and other accessories. Our open floor plans allow you to utilize the space of your building in the best way for your business, while clear-span trusses allow for less construction time without sacrificing quality. And with a variety of exterior and interior options available, you can choose the style you want, inside and out. Plus, our restaurant buildings are virtually maintenance-free, which allows you to focus on growing your company, not maintaining your building.

We have experience with a wide variety of retail construction and restaurant construction projects:

  • Full-service restaurants
  • Quick-service restaurants
  • Farmer’s markets
  • Franchises
  • Distribution centers
  • Fast-casual restaurants
  • Retail stores
  • Strip malls
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Recent Retail & Restaurant Projects

Custom Retail Buildings and Restaurant Buildings

First impressions still matter, which is why viewing your restaurant or retail outlet from the customer’s perspective is the first place you should start in the design and planning stage. Morton’s experienced design professionals can help you discover the best and most natural traffic flow for your space. Other elements for restaurant construction and retail construction to consider include:

  • Dining room and bar space
  • Check out areas
  • Seating options
  • Restrooms
  • Kitchen layout
  • Storage
  • Employees’ space
  • Product placement

Morton Buildings large clear-spans allow for open, adaptable floor plans unhindered by load-bearing walls or columns, achieving a unique design and aesthetic, and the ultimate in interior design flexibility.

And unlike metal retail building or metal restaurant building kits, each post-frame building we design and construct is completely unique. You are able to customize each and every element so that it meets your business’s budget, brand, and style.

Whether you are looking for a simple structure or something more elaborate, Morton has many choices that can help add visual interest to your building:

Roof Types and Styles--Morton roofs are designed for long-term good looks, and they’re available in a variety of colors and roof pitches to give your restaurant building just the right touch

Ceilings--The finishing touches on your building help to transform it from a structure to a restaurant or retail center. Morton can help you choose a ceiling finish that complements your business and fits your budget.

Wainscot--Adds a nice optional element to your building’s exterior—allowing different color schemes and breaking the vertical lines of the walls.

Siding--From traditional Hi-Rib™ steel siding to brick and cultured stone, you choose the look that best fits your business and your building’s surroundings.

Morton Steel--All steel panels are not the same—even though they may look it—and Morton’s steel is uniquely “Morton.” We roll-form our steel from .019" thick coil which is up to 25% heavier than the steel many other builders use, and Morton’s panels feature a unique Hi-Rib™ design where the major ribs are 12" on center and 1" high with a gently rounded profile. This combination results in a very strong panel and contributes to the unique good looks and long-term attractiveness of your exterior steel restaurant building or a steel retail building.

Benefits of Building with Morton

Morton Buildings’ unique structural concept allows plumbing, electrical and HVAC to be placed between the insulation and the finished wall or ceiling, when using a suspended ceiling. This configuration results in no penetration of the insulation and an increase in energy efficiency and overall insulation performance. Morton also has several features such as ENERGY STAR® rated windows and doors that can help reduce your daily building costs.

In addition to our industry-leading energy-efficiency, other benefits of a Morton building include:

  • Functional and durable
  • Visually appealing
  • Built to last and easy to maintain
  • Up to 30% faster than traditional construction
  • Large, column-free open areas
  • Turnkey, no-hassle building process may be available
  • Totally customized to your needs
  • Can be made for future expansion

Headquartered in Morton, Illinois, Morton Buildings has national capabilities with local expertise. Morton operates over 100 employee-owned construction centers that serve as logistical/local hubs for construction services and subcontract networks. Morton also operates six manufacturing facilities where many of our building components are produced. Our vertical integration allows us to control quality, timelines, and reduce shipping costs.

From the smallest fastener to the trusses overhead, Morton leaves nothing to chance. Most of our competitors use a network of various suppliers to source their materials. Do some research and you’ll find they go with cheaply made parts that cost them less. We don’t build that way. We source and manufacture our own materials. We roll form our own steel, build our own trusses, doors, and so much more. Exceptional quality is the hallmark of a Morton. We’re only as good as our materials so we take full control of the entire process.

Working with Morton

Your sales consultant will meet with you to discuss your ideas and budget. Working with you, a building layout will be generated based on your specifications. As part of the larger Morton network, he or she will guide you through the entire process.

Many of our commercial customers use our Morton designBUILD project delivery method as it provides single-source responsibility, integrated design, collaborative construction planning, and accelerated schedules. How does it work? We start with the Concept Phase, which includes initial feasibility questions, developing elevations, floor plans, renderings and initial budgets, all for a small initial investment. From the Concept Phase, we move to the Design Phase, where we complete the engineered and stamped drawings for the project. Once the drawings are completed and the scope of work determined, the final cost estimates for the project are created. Once costs are compiled, a final construction contract is executed, and the Build Phase can commence.

Watch this video to learn more about planning your building project:

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