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Horses Are Your Passion, Equestrian Stables Are Ours

Morton Buildings understands the importance of providing a safe steel horse stable for your cherished horses. Stable management is among the most important activities of a good horseman or woman, and the building’s arrangement very much affect this activity. Carefully planned, well-designed stall barns make horse care easier and add to personal satisfaction and riding enjoyment.

In planning a facility for horses, it’s essential to consider the health and safety not only of the animals, but also of the people who either come in contact with the animals and who live nearby. Other important considerations include sound construction, labor-saving conveniences, a building style in harmony with the surroundings, and a planning procedure that lists current and future needs.

Whether you plan to build for personal use or for a professional operation, the horse stable layout should provide room for expansion and allow for specific details, such as water supply, manure disposal, feed storage, exercise space, loading and unloading access and legal or other restrictions that may apply.

Caring for horses is hard work, but equine enthusiasts know that it’s worth the effort. When you’re considering a new equestrian stable, you can trust Morton Buildings is dedicated to helping you create a custom stall barn that is safe, attractive and promotes the health and well-being of your animals.

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Custom Horse Stables for Any Need

Unlike other metal horse stables, a Morton building is unique as your horses’ personalities. The facility style and features that you choose reflect your horse care philosophy and the passion you have for them. At Morton, we offer a variety of practical, timesaving features that help to enhance the health and safety of your equine. One key element is your building’s ventilation. Good ventilation can be achieved through fan-powered cupolas, vented sidewall overhangs, windows and doors. Safety is also important, which is why Morton stalls are strong and designed to keep your horses secure.

A variety of superior features and options are available to fully customize your steel horse stable:

  • Bar “M” Stalls feature powder coated paint, which means your stalls are not only strong, but will also remain looking like new for years to come.
  • Anodized Aluminum Stalls are corrosion resistant, making them a great choice even in the harshest climates.
  • Solid stall partitions offer resistance to kicking, absorb shock and can reduce fighting between horses. These types of partitions do not allow for ventilation.
  • Vented partitions offer some air movement between stalls but with limited visibility.
  • Pipe-grill partitions offer the most visibility and ventilation for your horses.
  • Hay lofts can be an economical storage solution and a great way to utilize all the space within your building.
  • Bite guards are metal trims that are placed on any exposed wood corners to protect against cribbing.
  • Stall stiffeners add strength to the outside stall partition, making it better able to withstand kicking and other damage horses can inflict.

Designating rooms and stalls for specific uses will ensure that your building functions the way you need. Adding vet stalls or wash stalls is beneficial for both horse and handler. Tack rooms, offices and restrooms are also popular choices to include whether your barn is for personal use or commercial boarding.

For those equestrian enthusiasts who have always dreamed of living with their horses, Morton Buildings living quarters can be attached to your stall barn to make your dream a reality. Our living quarters range from small apartments to single family residences that provide a quality home constructed to fit the way you and your family live.

Benefits of a Morton Steel Horse Stable

When you work with a horse stable builder like Morton, you’ll experience the Morton advantage at every step because the details of your building are what will ensure your satisfaction for years to come. From your first meeting through the construction of your building, you can be confident in your project, knowing it is backed by an established equine barn company with the strongest warranty in the industry.

A Morton Buildings equine facility, no matter how simple or complex, offers the ultimate in safety, beauty and comfort for your horses. Our building components have been proven to stand up to the abuse that horses inflict on their surroundings. The horse barn, large or small, should be well-planned, durable and attractive. Its basic purpose is to provide an environment that protects the horses from temperature extremes, keeps them dry and out of the wind, eliminates drafts through the stables, provides fresh air in both winter and summer and protects them from injury. That’s why equine enthusiasts, no matter the discipline, choose us to construct their equine buildings.

If we’re going to put our name on it, we’re going to make sure it’s done right. To control quality, we:

  • Use unique designs, matched to your specific geography and climate conditions
  • Manufacture our own products in the United States
  • Personally deliver and unload your materials at your site
  • Build using professional craftsmen who only construct Morton buildings

Working with Morton

From concept to completion, Morton Buildings sales consultants listen and work with you to develop your metal horse stable building plan. We know you probably have a vision of your stall barn or riding arena, and it is our job to help you fill-in the details to make that vision a reality. Our sales consultants have worked on countless stall barns and riding arenas and can offer suggestions and advice on how to create a safe, functional building while staying true to your style. Everything from the stalls they occupy to the fences that keep them enclosed are essential to ensuring your horses stay healthy and protected. The building’s layout, ventilation and overall functionality are also taken into consideration throughout your project.

Your building is constructed by experienced crews who understand the importance of safety and keep that in mind throughout the construction process. The end result is a beautiful equestrian stable that you can be proud to own for years to come.

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