Morton Foundation System™ - A PERMANENT SOLUTION

A strong building starts with a strong foundation. Extend the life of your building by using concrete lower columns in your foundation, rather than wood. The evolution of post-frame construction is here—remove wood from the ground to create the strongest and most durable building yet.

Morton Buildings is committed to building all new structures, when possible, without wood in the ground. This is part of our evolution and ensures that we continue to offer the best Morton building possible. Read on to learn more about the details and benefits of the Morton Foundation System™.

Laminated Wood Column

Our dependable, three-member, laminated No. 1 Southern Yellow Pine columns minimize the possibility of warping and twisting that may occur with solid posts. This core product has been used for decades to provide strength and durability.

Internal Steel Connect + 1/4" Power Lags

The powder coated bracket connects the concrete column to our custom tailored notched/groove laminated wood column to provide a rigid structural connection. With our wood columns in place you’ll barely see the bracket, giving you a sleek appearance that you won’t find with other precast foundation systems.

Precast Holes for Stainless Steel Brackets

This bracket connects the splashboard to the concrete columns. With the awareness that this bracket is typically exposed to a corrosive environment, we’ve taken the extra step to provide a stainless steel bracket that is far superior in corrosion resistance than that of galvanized or painted steel.

High Performance Concrete Column

With a precast concrete column that is second to none, the specially designed mix formula uses ingredients to create a concrete that inhibits steel rebar corrosion, withstands shock, increases durability to freeze/thaw and gives an attractive, smooth concrete finish with a 10,000 psi compressive strength. Our concrete strength is 2.5 times greater than a typical concrete foundation wall and footing system.

Internal Threaded Height Adjustment Bracket

The internally threaded bracket is used to set all the foundation columns to the same height during construction to give your building an aesthetically pleasing interior look. It also connects your building to the concrete footing and anchors your building against wind uplift.


This environmentally friendly, industry-exclusive splashboard not only eliminates wood from contact with the ground, but provides even more durability and flexibility to withstand extreme winds and those accidental machinery run-ins.

With this exclusive design and 50-year warranty, there is no other post-frame foundation system that offers this level of strength and protection for your building.

Learn how to achieve zero structural wood to ground contact with this upgrade

Why are concrete lower columns better?

Concrete is a permanent solution and can be used in all climate conditions for a variety of building uses. There is no need to pre-treat it, so it provides a more eco-friendly option. Most importantly, it will ensure that the building’s foundation will remain strong. The look, style, and materials of post-frame buildings has evolved over time. And now the concrete lower column evolution is here. There’s a smarter alternative to wood post foundations--don’t build without concrete

Morton’s Answer to a Need in the Industry

Morton Buildings is no stranger to innovation and evolving when research shows there are better alternatives available. Our research and development department began experimenting with concrete lower columns several years ago. The result was our own specially engineered foundation system, the Morton Foundation System (MFS), that is the most advanced foundation in the post-frame industry. MFS ensures that when you build with Morton, you’re receiving the strongest, most durable building possible.

Key Benefits of MFS

  • Extends the life of the building
  • Won’t decay or rot
  • Resists corrosion
  • Protects against termites
  • Extreme durability
  • Less repairs needed
  • Environmentally-friendly
  • Anchors building against wind uplift
  • Safe and strong in all weather conditions

Our Three-Member Laminated Column

  • Morton’s 3-ply lower laminated columns are hydraulically compressed during lamination, resulting in stronger posts than 6” x 6” solid posts of the same dimension:
  • Laminating provides a straighter, stronger column
  • 100% penetration of sapwood treatment that cannot be obtained with square posts because they are treated on the outside only
  • Protects against fungal decay and insect infestation
  • Preservative = .80 pounds per cubic foot (competitors = .40 or .60)
  • Splices staggered for consistent strength
  • Lamination gives us ability to add column stiffeners and/or increase dimensional size of lumber for high demand situations (high wind, grade to eaves height greater than 16 ft., etc.)
  • All columns fastened with stainless steel, deformed shank anchor nails to secure boards together, even under stress

Columns Mounted to Concrete Slab

There are some circumstances, such as rocky soils or site restrictions, in which an alternative foundation system would be preferred.

For these instances, Morton Buildings also offers the following foundation systems:

  • Columns on monolithic slab
  • Formed wall with footings
  • Trench footings

Discuss with your sales consultant the option that is best for your building.

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