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The care of animals is your passion. Creating energy-efficient, low-maintenance, yet beautiful facilities for those animals is ours. From veterinary hospitals and clinics, animal shelters, pet boarding, daycare and resorts, to grooming, obedience and guard dog training facilities, one thing is certain—a Morton building will help you succeed. For decades, we’ve been providing custom animal facility design and construction services across the United States. What differentiates us from other construction companies is the quality, the craftsmanship, and the efficiency of our buildings. Plus, our warranty is the best in the industry.

Whether you want new construction or an addition to an existing structure, we have the knowledge and experience to listen to your current and future needs and make design and construction recommendations based on your unique situation. We work with you to create a building that suits your business, your brand, and your budget.

Our open floor plans allow you to customize the space of your steel veterinary office building to enhance traffic flow, lighting, and use. Morton’s Hi-Rib acoustical steel is also a popular feature in animal facilities. Installed in or around the ceiling, acoustical steel helps to reduce the noise inside your building, something that is important when housing numerous dogs.

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Recent Animal Services Projects

Custom Veterinary Offices, Kennels, and Shelters

Our expertise will guide you through the many decisions that are involved in a new hospital design and other animal care facilities. We stay current with industry trends and best practices for a well-designed building that reduces stress on the animals that frequent it.

The design process includes in-depth discussions involving land acquisition, site design and preparation, space planning of the animal and human spaces, traffic flow, exterior and interior materials, noise and odor control, daily cleaning process, drains, food prep areas, laundry, number of dog and cat enclosures needed, and future expansion plans.

Noise and odor control are vital to creating a welcoming and stress-free environment. Drinking water, bathing water, and animal waste can contribute to damp, odor-filled rooms. Proper ventilation and drainage helps to eliminate these problems. Air flow for cats is even more important. Cats need additional ventilation beyond HVAC to prevent contagious upper respiratory diseases when being boarded. As there are many available options to mitigate noise and odor, Morton will work with you to determine the best solution for your shelter facility.

Our open floor plans allow you to customize the space of your veterinary office building to enhance traffic flow, comfort, and energy-efficiency. Some features you may want to include when planning your floor plan layout include:

  • Indoor and outdoor daycare
  • Grooming or spa service
  • Training room
  • Office
  • Retail
  • Luxury suites
  • Waterplay
  • Waiting room with client
  • Therapy
  • Cat and dog lodging
  • Pharmacy
  • Exam and surgical rooms
  • Radiant floor heat
  • Kennel runs
  • Breakroom
  • State-of-the-art air quality systems
  • Indoor play areas
  • Equine/bovine units

Other features available to customize your metal veterinary building or steel veterinary office include:

Morton Roof Types and Styles: Our roofs are designed for long-term good looks, and they’re available in a variety of colors and roof pitches to give your building just the right touch. Many options are available to enhance the style and function of your building including: a roof extension to create a wraparound porch; adding gable dormers for a traditional look, or a welcoming entry porch.

Siding: From traditional Hi-Rib™ steel siding to brick and cultured stone, you choose the look that best fits your business and your building’s surroundings.

Continuous Vented Ridge: Help to control the environment in your building year-round with our continuous ridge ventilation. Morton’s pre-engineered ventilation system provides for a drier, more comfortable environment for your building by reducing heat build-up in the summer and releasing moisture-laden air in the winter.

Acoustical Steel: Morton’s exclusive Hi-Rib™ Acoustical Steel is one of the most efficient sound insulation systems in the construction industry. Installed in a band around or in the ceiling, Hi-Rib Acoustical Steel allows sound waves to pass into sound-absorbent materials in the wall and ceiling cavities, which significantly improves the sound quality in your building.

Cupolas: Cupolas positioned on your roof will add an aesthetic touch and are available in a variety of styles and sizes.

Wainscot: Adds a nice optional element to your building’s exterior—allowing different color schemes and breaking the vertical lines of the walls. From a practical perspective, it is easier and less expensive to replace a short steel wainscot panel damaged by ground’s-care equipment or a vehicle—than it is to replace a full-length steel panel. Several optional wainscot materials are also available: Novabrik™, Moderra™, masonry and HardiePanel®, as well as others.

FRP (Fiber-Reinforced Plastic): Used for a variety of applications and available as fiberglass reinforced plastic laminated to 3/8" OSB or fiberglass reinforced plastic laminated to 4" corrugated core. Your sales consultant can help you choose the best material for your interior.

Mason Kennels: Quality kennel systems allow for a custom designed enclosure for your facility

Aluminum Dog Door: Fits a variety of dog door styles including Pickwick® by Mason or provides a framed pass-through for animals.

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Benefits of Building a Metal Veterinary Building with Morton

From the smallest fastener to the trusses overhead, Morton leaves nothing to chance. Most other post-frame builders use a network of various suppliers to source their materials. Do some research and you’ll find other builders utilize cheaply made parts that cost them less and can impact the overall quality of your building. We don’t build that way. We source and manufacture our own materials. We roll form our own steel, build our own trusses, doors, and so much more. Exceptional quality is the hallmark of a Morton. We’re only as good as our materials so we take full control of the entire process.

Morton Buildings utilizes a method known as post-frame construction. Post-frame buildings feature large, laminated columns instead of wood studs or poles, steel framing, or concrete masonry. There are multiple advantages to this method of construction:

  • Large clear-spans allow for open, adaptable floor plans unhindered by interior load-bearing walls or columns, achieving a unique design and aesthetic. In addition, hybrid technology allows for even greater clear-span buildings up to 150'. Clear-span trusses allow for less construction time without sacrificing quality.
  • Our structural concept allows plumbing, electrical and HVAC to be placed between the insulation and the finished wall or ceiling, when using a suspended ceiling. This configuration results in no penetration of the insulation and an increase in energy-efficiency and overall insulation performance.

Working with Morton

The commercial division of Morton Buildings provides fully integrated design and construction of commercial buildings across the United States. We utilize a collaborative and proven four-step designBUILD project delivery system to achieve a professional, consistent, and customer-centric experience. For over a century, Morton Buildings has set the standard in the post-frame construction industry with our cutting-edge innovations, best-in-class warranty, and superior construction quality. As a single-source resource with a national footprint, Morton Buildings Commercial is trusted to manage the entire process of a construction project from concept to completion.

We developed this designBUILD process with our customer in mind, as it enables us to deliver projects that meet your scope, schedule, and budget. This alleviates stress, eliminates time loss, and ultimately reduces the overall project cost, as our design fees are nominal and included as part of the construction package.

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