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Whether you need to house a cultivator, baler, combine, truck, spreader, tractor, backhoe, UTV, front-end loader, plow, harrow, seeder, rake, grain cart or anything in between, an equipment storage building is a vital element of your farming operation. When you choose to have a Morton protect your equipment and machinery, you can be confident that our high-quality, durable materials and sound construction methods will ensure you have a machine shed that is built to last.

Since our beginning in 1903, we’ve had a deep connection with the agricultural community. As a company that was founded with the goal of providing quality materials and service to farmers, we understand your needs and continue to evolve to meet industry standards.

Farm storage buildings designed and constructed by Morton are quick to build, virtually maintenance free, and able to withstand all sorts of elements. That’s because we use the industry’s toughest steel, highest-quality lumber and best paint available. And we guarantee it with the industry’s strongest, non-prorated, non-pass-through warranty.

Before you begin a new construction project, the most important question to ask is, how big to build? In order to help determine how much farm equipment storage is needed to meet your current and future needs, we’ve created a “Farm Shop Design Series” to guide you through this question and many more.

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Recent Storage Projects

Farm Storage Buildings for Any Size and Budget

Morton’s hybrid buildings combine the strength and spanning capabilities of steel along with the affordability, design flexibility and energy-efficiency of post-frame construction. While wood-frame buildings have flexibility when it comes to layout and design, steel-frame buildings offer increased interior space thanks to large clear-span capabilities. By combining the best of wood and steel construction, Morton’s hybrid equipment storage buildings with steel trusses and post-frame construction provide the ultimate option in size, strength, efficiency and flexibility up to 150'.

Your Morton machine shed can be customized to complement any existing structures, including your home. And it doesn’t have to be your traditional steel structure either; we work with many vendors to provide everything from premier windows to one-piece hydraulic doors. You can also add features like acoustical steel to cut down on noise and Morton’s exclusive Energy Performer® insulation system to provide a comfortable and energy-efficient insulated workshop year-round. Door jam protectors, bird-blocking, and cupolas are other popular options.

On the other end of the spectrum, if you are looking for a simple storage building, a great option is the Morton Standard. It’s a new line of basic building packages with our most popular sizes and options. The Morton Standard is perfect for those who want a classic machine or cold storage building without customizations but with the Morton quality you expect.

Of your building features, the doors will be the most used component on your equipment storage building. Morton offers a variety of door options including overhead, bi-fold, hydraulic lifted and sliding doors to fit your needs. Your Morton sales consultant will work with you to ensure your door is the proper size and offers the clearance you need for your equipment.

Morton is proud to offer two quality door options for your building. While these doors are best suited for different building uses, they have many similar features that make them superior to other doors on the market.

  • Paint: Unlike other paints, PVDF (polyvinylidene difluoride) is weather and corrosion resistant.
  • Insulation: Some doors use inferior insulation in their slabs, not Morton. Our insulation (polyurethane foam) provides for a higher R-Value than other doors on the market.
  • Installation: Your Morton walkdoor is built and installed by Morton Buildings so you can be confident it will be done right.

Our FLUOROFLEX™ 1000 paint system features include:

  • Superior protection against fading, chalking, peeling and red rust
  • Resistance to the effects of ultraviolet rays, rain, pollution and heat
  • Color and gloss retention that lasts far longer than standard consumer or commercial paint coatings
  • Virtually maintenance-free
  • 35-year warranty against chalking, fading and peeling of most FLUOROFLEX 1000 colors. The FLUOROFLEX warranty, as with all Morton warranties, is handled in-house by Morton employees.

Want to see your paint choices in action? Design your next building using the interactive Morton Buildings 3D Studio! From colors to texture to style, your final product is a printable color rendering of your Morton building.

Benefits of a Morton Farm Storage Building

Our customers are involved in a wide variety of farms—commercial, hay, organic, aquaculture, flower, hobby, orchard, subsistence, and ranching. No matter your type and size of farming operation, Morton can deliver a strong and durable farm equipment storage building to meet your needs and style.

Second and third generation owners will tell you their Morton buildings look like new after decades of use. That’s because Morton buildings are engineered from the foundation to the roof trusses to be dependable, long-lasting, and attractive. To ensure this, Morton uses only quality components.

Morton’s Hi-Rib™ steel is roll-formed with arch-shaped, one-inch high major ribs on 12" center. When a load is placed on top of an arch, one of the strongest architectural shapes, instead of collapsing, the force of the load spreads out and down the arch’s side. Our Hi-Rib panels are not only strong, they are also aesthetically pleasing and reflect sunlight from various angles. Our steel is hail impact resistant and external fire resistant, supported by the Underwriter’s Laboratory; the durability of our steel can translate into building insurance discounts for some customers.

Stainless steel internal drive screws have a solid 300 series stainless steel head and shank with carbon steel tip for penetrating steel panels. The screws are painted to match our steel colors. The screws also have separate stainless EPDM washers. It is highly resistant to deterioration by UV rays and remains flexible even in extreme heat or cold. It also forms an excellent seal between the screw and steel.

Compared to steel building kits, our post-frame buildings are highly engineered and structurally sound with truss to column attachment options that can be customized to your load requirements and climate conditions.

Working with Morton

The Morton advantage is evident from your first meeting with your local sales consultant to the day your crew foreman hands you the keys to your new building. Our collective knowledge allows us to construct superior machine sheds while delivering an exceptional building experience. When you buy a Morton building, you are joining a proud legacy of Morton owners who choose Morton Buildings time and time again to construct their buildings.

Your Morton sales consultant will meet with you to discuss your ideas and budget. Working with you, the building layout will be generated based on your specifications. As part of the larger Morton network, he or she will guide you through the entire process to:

• Arrange pre-build details, like concept development, building plans and quotes, site plan, permits and zoning details, budgeting and financing

• Oversee the building process, communicating with you throughout

• Check on your satisfaction after completion

Watch this video to learn more about planning your building project:

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