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Your agribusiness is there to support farmers. Our business is there to support you. Seed dealership buildings designed and constructed by Morton Buildings give you a functional environment to meet with and serve customers, as well as a visually appealing exterior for your business. Morton also offers hybrid technology for clear-span buildings up to 150 feet. From choosing exterior siding options to creating the floor plan that best suits your business, your dealership building can be customized to meet your needs and those of your customers.

We’ve been serving the American farmer for more than a century and continue to evolve to meet industry demands, just like you do with your product. With our buildings, it’s quality that only comes from a Morton.

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Recent Seed Dealership Projects

Custom Post-Frame Seed Dealerships to Help Your Business Grow

Your Morton seed dealership building can be customized to complement any other structure on your property. Your unique business may also want to incorporate a seed treatment area, storage for bulk chemicals, a seed warehouse, kitchen, or meeting rooms.

Durability is the key term in describing Morton foundations. No matter which style you choose, know that both the foundation and its warranties are the strongest in the industry. Various options are available based on your specific climate, ground conditions and building use:

Morton Buildings offers many features that allow you to customize your seed warehouse building. Whether you are looking for a simple structure or something more elaborate, Morton has many choices that can help add visual interest to your building. These are just some of the exterior and interior features you can choose from:

  • Ceilings—multiple finishes available to complement your business needs
  • Roof Types and Styles—available in a variety of colors and roof pitches to enhance the long-term aesthetics of your building
  • Cupolas—increases ventilation and curb appeal
  • Wainscot—adds style and protection
  • Overhead, hydraulic, and bi-fold doors—almost unlimited options when we work with local door contractors
  • Sliding doors—a great solution for large equipment on buildings that aren’t temperature controlled
  • Walkdoors—our MB910 door is thermally broken to reduce condensation build-up
  • Low-maintenance Windows and Shutters—adds natural light and improves ventilation
  • Dormers and Porches—extends the character and functionality of your building
  • Siding
  • Doorjamb Protection
  • Energy Performer® Insulation Package
  • Acoustical Steel

You can begin customizing your new building today with the Morton Buildings 3D Studio, which provides you with a printable, sharable rendering of your paint color selection ideas!

Benefits of a Morton Seed Dealership

Our commercial seed business customers are diverse, but one thing is certain. They are busy all-year round in a variety of activities, and they are looking for an efficient and attractive seed dealership building to help drive growth.

The benefits of building a post-frame seed dealership with Morton are:

  • Efficiency--Our experienced building teams are highly efficient, as is the energy efficiency of the finished product.
  • Flexibility--Large, clear spans accommodate everything from large equipment and inventories to comfortable kitchens.
  • Strength--Morton is synonymous with strength, from foundation choices to the finished product.

Morton seed warehouse buildings are engineered for your site and building requirements, making them superior to steel building packages. Through quality design and materials, Morton buildings can be constructed to be as strong as steel.

The strength of post-frame buildings lies within the framing system:

  • Treated posts—in-ground or on a concrete foundation—that add stability, wind resistance and longevity
  • A diaphragm action that creates an effective bracing system to resist lateral forces
  • Steel buildings derive their strength from a combination of the frame and panels. If either is compromised, the entire building is compromised. Conversely, the primary strength in post-frame construction comes from the framing system itself, which forms a tremendously wind-resistant box. Even before we attach any siding, your Morton post-frame structure can outperform many steel structures.

In addition, our pre-engineered, commercial-quality Hi-Rib™ steel exterior provides the strength and durability needed to stand the test of time:

  • Prime steel manufactured at our own plants
  • More substrate for added corrosion protection
  • 1" high arch-shaped ribs spaced 12" apart with two minor ribs between each—the strongest architectural shape for withstanding water and weight
  • Rib height up to 33% higher than panels used by other builders
  • Steel panels are not welded but rather fastened with stainless-steel screws and nails that add durability

From the smallest fastener to the trusses overhead, Morton leaves absolutely no detail to chance. If we’re going to put our name on it, we’re going to make sure it’s done right. That’s why we employ the people who manufacture the building materials, deliver them to your site and construct your building. It’s the only way we can assure you the high-quality, energy efficiency and “new building look” that defies time—guaranteed.

Working with Morton

From your first meeting with a sales consultant to the day your building is completed and beyond, Morton Buildings will be with you every step of the way. We operate within a culture of accountability. Before, during and after completion of your building, we’re your one point of contact. It’s no wonder the vast majority of our projects stem from referrals.

Your Morton sales consultant will meet with you to discuss your ideas, business needs, and budget for your seed warehouse building. Working with you, a building layout will be generated based on your specifications. As part of the larger Morton network, he or she will guide you through the entire process to:

• Arrange pre-build details, like concept development, building plans and quotes, site plan, permits and zoning details, budgeting and financing

• Oversee the building process, communicating with you throughout

• Check on your satisfaction after completion

Watch this video to learn more about planning your building project:

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