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The Morton Buildings name is synonymous with quality and longevity. Our custom-built breweries, distilleries and wineries are built stronger, look better, and last longer.

Whether you’re a small startup or an established brewery with a restaurant, our open floor plans allow you to utilize the space of your brewery building, winery building, or distillery building in the best way for your business, while clear-span trusses provide greater overhead clearance. Plus, our buildings are virtually maintenance-free, which allows you to focus on growing your company, not maintaining your building.

As the way we work and do business evolves, so do the buildings we work in. The standards for building a brewery, building a winery, or building a distillery are changing, which is why it's important to partner with an expert like Morton Buildings to achieve higher levels of both building and occupant performance. Energy-efficient construction is a key focus area, and we take great pride in our innovations that reduce energy usage in large facilities. Learn more about this by reading our blog post, “An Indiana Winery Builds with Morton

The commercial division of Morton Buildings provides fully integrated design and construction of commercial buildings across the United States. We utilize a collaborative and proven four-step designBUILD project delivery system to achieve a professional, consistent, and customer-centric experience. For over a century, Morton Buildings has set the standard in the post-frame construction industry with our cutting-edge innovations, best-in-class warranty, and superior construction quality. As a single-source resource with a national footprint, Morton Buildings Commercial is trusted to manage the entire process of a construction project from concept to completion.

We developed this designBUILD process with our customer in mind, as it enables us to deliver projects that meet your scope, schedule, and budget. This alleviates stress, eliminates time loss, and ultimately reduces the overall project cost, as our design fees are nominal and included as part of the construction package.

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Recent Winery, Brewery & Distillery Projects

Building a Steel Brewery, Building a Steel Winery, and Building a Steel Distillery

Morton’s scope of experience constructing custom-built structures runs deep, ranging from a small brewing or distilling operation to a brewery with a restaurant or a winery with a tasting room. We’ll make the process simple, efficient, and stress-free.

Taking your location and natural scenery into account, your Morton is completely customizable both inside and out—from ceiling finishes, cupolas, roof styles, and wainscot, to siding, doors, and paint colors. You can also work with your Morton sales consultant to explore other options to meet your vision.

The most critical aspect of your design will be the layout of the production, tasting, serving, and sales areas. Another important feature will be the ability to control the climate. Insulating your building can help maintain the proper temperature and humidity for long-term storage. A post-frame building has thicker wall cavities than steel-frame buildings, creating a larger space for insulation and controlling energy costs 12 months out of the year. In the places where the insulation is interrupted – triple-laminated columns – post-frame buildings have natural insulating properties and conduct less heat than most steel-frame buildings.

Additionally, post-frame buildings include an attic, allowing for more effective ceiling insulation, enhanced air circulation and condensation control. In a standard steel-frame building, insulation is draped over roof purlins and compressed when the roofing is applied, resulting in the loss of nearly half of the thickness of the insulation.

For Morton Buildings, the Energy Performer insulation system has been in place for nearly 50 years and continues to evolve as the premier efficiency model in the industry. At the time it was introduced, the system was so advanced it exceeded energy conservation mandates that were not introduced until two decades later. The configuration also allows plumbing and electrical work to be placed between the insulation and finished wall – allowing minimal penetration.

When designing a new steel winery building, steel brewery building, or steel distillery building, it may also be helpful to consider:

  • Room for expansion
  • Production area
  • Kitchen
  • Tasting room
  • Dining or banquet room
  • Outside dining and entertainment
  • Employee facilities
  • Storage or warehouse

Benefits of a Morton Brewery Building, Winery Building, and Distillery Building

Strength and Durability: Morton metal brewery buildings, metal winery buildings, and metal distillery buildings are engineered for your site and building requirements, which provides superior durability over other construction methods. The strength of post-frame buildings lies within the framing system, which forms a tremendously strong box, which can often outperform many other structures in extreme weather conditions. Trusses sit in a saddle for double strength against wind sheer. A diaphragm action creates an effective bracing system that resists lateral forces. Even before we attach any siding, your Morton brewery building, winery building, or distillery building can outperform many other structures.

When the components of a post-frame building– a strong foundation, triple-laminated timber columns, heavy-duty trusses and a wide variety of durable exteriors – are put together, the strength and durability often times exceed that of a steel-frame building. A post-frame building from Morton Buildings is a precisely engineered system that is built to withstand the test of time and features the industry’s strongest warranty.

Efficiency of Construction: You can begin post-frame construction nearly any time of the year, and once you begin, the amount of time it takes to get “under roof” for a post-frame building is approximately half what you would normally expect from other construction techniques.

Read more about Smooth Ambler Spirits’ experience building with Morton!

Working with Morton

Not only do post-frame buildings from Morton meet local code requirements, a Morton sales consultant will work alongside you to ensure the process is done thoroughly. Whether you need guidance throughout the construction of your building, or are familiar with the building process and just want a hassle-free project, Morton can work with you every step of the way. Your sales consultant works with a team of drafting technicians, estimators and project managers to help you plan your building. Allied Design and Engineering, P.C., a strategic partner of Morton Buildings, can provide cost-effective architectural and engineering services. If you would prefer, you can also choose your own architectural firm.

In fact, the Morton sales consultant will assist you in many aspects of the project, including site planning and preparation, coordinating subcontractors and assisting with any warranty claims or questions.

Morton can also serve as the general contractor for your brewery, winery, or distillery project, taking the hassle of managing tradesmen out of your hands. Morton works with only qualified contractors that have proven their commitment to the same level of quality and customer satisfaction Morton prides itself in. This ensures you will get the finishing touches you want without having to worry about the credibility of your subcontractors. From the interior design to the striping of the parking lot, Morton can oversee your entire project so you can focus on your business. If you would rather be your own general contractor, you can do that too. Morton has the flexibility to work on as much, or as little, of your project as you need.

With six major manufacturing plants, a post-frame building from Morton Buildings is pre-engineered prior to its arrival at a construction site. Once delivered by a Morton-employed truck driver, a highly skilled crew composed of Morton-employed workers go to work in bringing a Morton building to life.

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