Door Options

Door Options for Your Morton Building

A Variety of Options to Suit Your Needs and Style

Our Exclusive AlumaSteel® Sliding Doors

  • Tested to be 1.8 to 2.2 times stronger than competitor doors
  • Lighter weight--easy to open and close
  • Color matched to your building
  • Available in widths from 4’ to 40’
  • PowerSlide® automatic opening system available
  • 16-gauge track (hi-tensile on larger doors) with steel roller-bearing hangers
  • Full-length bottom door guides, with brackets that are bolted to the splashboard and lagged at doorjamb
  • Includes a five-year wind warranty
  • No warping, as with some wood doors
  • Less susceptible to wind and other damage

Sliding Doors—Wood Frame

  • Ideal for buildings that house large equipment and are not temperature-controlled
  • Double 2” x 6” top door rail reinforced with ½” plywood or OSB
  • Diamond “M” style doors available
  • 2” x 4” horizontal rails set on edge for additional strength
  • Full-length bottom door guides, with brackets that are bolted to the splashboard and lagged at doorjamb
  • Morton’s wooden doors actually tested stronger than some competitors’ steel and aluminum doors
  • Easy to roll and adjust
  • Five-year wind warranty—material and labor

Overhead Doors

  • Almost unlimited options available
  • Foundation and header systems are designed to carry snowloads and windloads at jamb columns
  • Using local, qualified overhead door subcontractors ensures proper installation and local service
  • Flashed with multiple flashings to achieve a cleaner look with fewer exposed fasteners

Bi-Fold and Hydraulic Doors

  • Functional alternative to traditional overhead doors
  • Adds architectural interest
  • Automatic openers are available
  • Bi-fold doors can be used in a variety of applications
  • Bi-fold doors don’t reduce the usable height inside a building, which can be an advantage for many customers
  • Bi-fold doors are available in widths up to 70’
  • Hydraulic doors can be installed with minimal headroom
  • When open, the hydraulic door creates a canopy to extend the shaded area of the building’s entryway
  • Hydraulic doors are available in sizes ranging from 10’x10’ to 80’x22’

Walkdoors—Our Exclusive FiberSteel® Door

  • Premium walkdoor for heavy-use applications and in heated and unheated buildings
  • Tested and approved for high winds
  • Frame is a composite material made from fiberglass filament bonded together with resin
  • Includes premium FLUOROFLEX® paint system—fade resistant
  • Sill is thermally broken and attached to bottom of frame; better insulated door than most
  • Kickplate is available
  • Pultruded fiberglass rails in door slab eliminates warping and rotting vs. wood-frame doors
  • Door skin is smooth .24” galvanized steel
  • Lower maintenance costs and energy costs
  • Available styles:
    • 9-Lite and plain slab in white, beige, or brown
  • 9-Lite with crossbucks in white or beige
  • 9-Lite grid system is concealed inside glass

Optional Jamb Protectors

Four-inch square or eight-inch round jambs are set in concrete to guard overhead or sliding doors and building corners from accidental damage from vehicles

Please contact your local sales consultant regarding any of these options, and check out our other industry-leading materials designed for strength and durability for your building needs.

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