Introducing DuraPlank

Our newest innovation completely eliminates structural wood to ground contact

Morton Buildings knows that our customers deserve the highest quality and strongest building possible. Which is why we developed the Morton Foundation System™ (MFS), the most advanced foundation in the post-frame industry, several years ago. Now, we’re proud to introduce DuraPlank™, a patented, permanent solution that completely removes structural wood from the ground to create the most durable Morton building yet. The DuraPlank splashboard is offered as an optional upgrade for most post-frame buildings that use the Morton Foundation System.

With all the great benefits of our standard MFS system, this environmentally-friendly, industry-exclusive splashboard not only eliminates structural wood from the ground but provides even more strength and flexibility to better withstand extreme winds and those minor accidental machinery run-ins with your building. With this exclusive design and 50-year warranty, there is no other post-frame foundation system that offers this level of resilience and protection for your building.

Unfortunately, wood placed near the ground level has the potential to rot, decay, or simply just look worn over time. When you upgrade to DuraPlank, the zero structural wood to ground contact ensures lower maintenance and repair costs over the building’s lifetime, resulting in a long-lasting and dependable building that looks impeccable.

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*Construction details and material specifications shown are subject to change without notice.