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There are various choices and building styles available for steel building home or cabin construction. There are also many factors to consider when deciding on who is going to build your next home. A Morton home is ideal to create open floor layouts, accommodate storage and hobby needs, and to customize with an array of porch options. Your Morton home is built by our crews with the highest quality materials and is covered by our industry-leading warranty. ​​

My Morton home is my country get-away. I liked the way Morton worked. The sales consultant was really helpful in planning out the square footage and where the rooms should be for the flow of the house. The Morton crew was professional, came in, got the job done, cleaned up the site, and were gone, with the house ready for the subcontractors to finish… I have been very, very pleased with my home. It's turned out better than I expected it to. It’s a very well-built home. There'd be no doubt in my mind that I would use Morton if I wanted to build another building.
- Claudia, Oklahoma

Our home offering includes certified structural design, site preparation, an engineered concrete foundation, wall insulation, doors, and windows, providing you a high-quality, lockable, insulated building shell, fully constructed on your property, ready for you to finish any way you want. ​

Explore the building style that best aligns with what you call home:

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Looking for your home away from home? Whether it’s your lake retreat, a hunting resort, or country getaway, a Morton cabin will have you covered.

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A large shop with your house included in the space = a Shouse. The ultimate space to get your work done with a living space to call home or get away.

  • How is a Morton Home or Cabin different from a traditional stick-built home?

    Unlike traditional stick-built home construction, Morton Buildings utilizes a method known as post-frame construction. Traditional stick-built homes tend to have many corners, have multiple levels, vinyl/brick siding, and with interior load bearing walls. Morton’s post-frame home is an engineered wood-framed building, typically has simpler configurations, and features steel roof and siding.

  • Why choose a Morton post-frame home?

    There are multiple advantages in choosing Morton’s post-frame for your forever home or cabin:

    • Clear-span Construction. Our post-frame construction method for a metal building house eliminates interior load-bearing walls. The result is a truly open interior space for you to maximize, customize, and finish based on your needs and design preferences. From a single-family home with room to grow, to a steel cabin that provides a low-maintenance getaway for you and your family, Morton Buildings constructs homes that meet your specific needs and style. Take a tour of the clear-span advantages in this model home.
    • Designed for storage and hobby needs. Post-frame construction allows you to make room for extra storage and hobby needs, such as RVs, boats, yard equipment, or a hobby shop to name a few.
    • An array of porch options. Choose from lean-to, gable, hip, wraparound, Dutch-hip, open-end, exposed truss, and other options to add curb appeal and make your home stand out from the crowd.
    • Heavy lift support. Our home package includes certified structural design, site preparation for construction, and engineered concrete foundation, wall insulation, doors, and windows. This high-quality, lockable, insulated building shell is ready for you to finish any way you want.
    • Virtually Maintenance-Free Exterior. Using our exclusive Hi-Rib™ steel in a wide-variety of aesthetic paint colors for your roofing or siding ensures nearly zero maintenance for years to come.
    • Unmatched Structural Warranty. Experience a warranty like none other in the metal building home and metal cabin building industry. All Morton buildings are backed by the strongest, non-prorated, and non-pass-through warranty.
  • What is the energy-efficiency difference with a Morton home or cabin?

    Morton homeowners not only comment on the beauty and flexibility of their homes, but they are also impressed with the efficiency of a Morton metal barn home. Imagine saving on heating and cooling costs year-round. That’s exactly what Morton owners have found. Thanks to our exclusive Energy Performer® insulation system, your building will be well insulated and remain comfortable throughout the seasons. The Energy Performer system combines superior wall/ceiling insulation with effective ventilation for a comfortable, cost-effective environment. How does this stand apart from stick-built construction? Learn more here.

  • Is a Morton home significantly lower cost than stick-built construction?

    The cost of any home is a function of the quality of materials used, level of interior finish, and builder qualifications. Typically, the cost of a finished Morton Home is comparable to a stick-built home. Here are some reasons why a Morton home or cabin is an optimal choice:

    • Unique Morton Style. Your one-of-a-kind Morton Home or Cabin will stand out from the crowd. A definite conversation starter. With careful planning you can make Morton home or cabin complement other Morton buildings on your property.
    • Design to suit lifestyle and future needs. Morton homes and cabins can be designed to meet current lifestyle (i.e., entertaining, storage, hobby) and accommodate future needs (i.e., age-in-place).
    • Blank interior canvas for DIY enthusiasts. Our lockable, insulated shell is ideal for some to finish your home or cabin any way you want and at your own pace.
    • Savings by acting as a General Contractor. Some customers act as their own general contractors for all interior finishing, while Morton provides the insulated shell, and they handle the rest. This option can save upwards of 20 percent of total finishing costs, making this an attractive option.
  • Is a Morton home or cabin construction process different?

    It is important to note that the planning process for a Morton home or cabin can differ from traditional stick-built construction. Obtaining appropriate financing and preparing a construction site are critical first steps.

    1. If financing, get qualified for a post-frame home construction loan
    2. Identify your land purchase, associated costs, and specific code requirements and site prep needs (i.e., septic, electric, driveway, etc.)
    3. Identify how you plan to finish the lockable, insulated shell, either by working with a general contractor or doing the interior finish yourself, and determine finishing costs
    4. Identify floor plan preferences to determine exterior project costs with your Morton sales consultant
    5. With final project costs determined, obtain final approval from bank
    6. Review plans and sign contracts, and obtain required building permits
    7. Start construction of your high-quality lockable, and insulated home shell
    8. You now have a blank canvas to finish your home or cabin
  • What does a Morton Home or a Cabin cost?

    Because every Morton home is unique, there is not a one-price-fits-all estimate to how much a Morton steel building house or steel cabin costs. Moreover, costs can vary based on local requirements (i.e., snow loads, wind loads), site conditions (i.e., room for our crews, soil properties), location (i.e., additional delivery charges, and other factors (i.e., local taxes, local wage rates).

    We encourage you to start your journey with Morton by selecting a model home or cabin from an array of options. These model building designs have an optimized open-floor layout, popular building shell features, are excellent starting points to understand budgetary pricing. This will help you evaluate and determine if Morton is a good fit for your project. You can then work with your local sales consultant, to adapt the design and features to suit your unique needs.

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