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Morton Buildings has constructed thousands of municipal and worship facilities and other recreational buildings for communities across the country. What differentiates us from other recreational metal building companies are the quality, the craftsmanship, and the efficiency of our buildings. Plus, our warranty is the best in the business.

We pride ourselves on delivering a world-class experience to our customers—from discovery, development, design, manufacturing, delivery, construction—to ownership. No matter what stage of the process you’re in, our proven project delivery system is the most cost-effective and efficient way to complete a project like yours. As we have many options for the building facade, you can be sure that together we will determine the best one for you and your community’s specific needs. Regardless of building size or use, Morton has a building for community use for every budget and can work with you on a wide variety of projects.

From church sanctuaries, fellowship halls, and activity centers to fire stations, EMS, and storage facilities, we invite you to experience the award-winning Morton Buildings difference.

We didn’t spend a lot of time figuring out what needed to be done because Morton has put up thousands and thousands of buildings. That experience could be drawn upon.” --Keith L., Great Valley Volunteer Fire Company, New York

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From sanctuaries, activity centers, storage, fellowship halls, offices, and classrooms, we’ll provide an inspiring place to grow your ministry.

  • Benefits of Post-Frame

    Unlike many metal community building options, Morton Buildings utilizes a method known as post-frame construction. Post-frame buildings feature large, laminated columns instead of wood studs, steel framing, or concrete masonry. There are multiple advantages to this method of construction:

    • Large clear-spans allow for open, adaptable floor plans unhindered by load-bearing walls or columns, achieving a unique design and aesthetic. In addition, when compared to other steel pole barn buildings, our hybrid technology allows for even greater clear-span buildings up to 150'

    • A post-frame building forms a tremendously strong structure that efficiently resists wind and seismic forces, even for buildings in excess of 100'.

    • Post-frame construction requires limited wall and roof framing materials, and minimal footing and foundation materials.

    • Our structural concept allows plumbing, electrical and HVAC to be placed between the insulation and the finished wall or ceiling, when using a suspended ceiling. This configuration results in no penetration of the insulation and an increase in energy efficiency and overall insulation performance.

  • The Difference is in the Details

    A Morton building is not a typical recreational metal building. We only use No. 1 Southern Yellow Pine lumber for columns (not poles) that are hydraulically compressed during the lamination process. Our treated lower columns are treated with .80 pounds per cubic ft of preservative and have a 50-year warranty. Other lumber used is quality No. 2 or better Spruce-Pine-Fir (SPF) with staggered joints for enhanced strength. The correct lumber and spacing is specifically designed for your farm building project.

    We roll-form our own steel from .019" thick coil, which is up to 25% heavier than the steel many other builders use, and Morton’s panels feature a unique Hi-Rib design where the major ribs are 12" on center and 1" high with a gently rounded profile. From our machine sheds, to dairy facilities and more, this combination allows water to flow away from the fasteners and contributes to the strength and long-term attractiveness for your Morton building. Learn more about our high-quality materials.

  • Superior Paint System

    Steel buildings for community centers need to be protected from the elements. Morton offers the FLUOROFLEX® 1000 paint system, which consists of 70% PVDF topcoat or “color coat” and polyurethane primer that utilizes either a GALVALUME® or hot-dipped galvanized metallic coating. This superior paint system provides your building with multiple layers of protection against fading, chalking, paint peeling, and red rust. Because it resists the effects of ultraviolet rays, rain, and pollution, it retains color and gloss far longer than standard consumer or commercial paint coatings, adding to its long-term curbside appeal. Morton is proud to offer a 35-year warranty on most paint colors against chalking, fading, and peeling of FLUOROFLEX® 1000.

  • Energy Performer® Insulation Package

    Morton’s exclusive Energy Performer insulation package was created in the 1970s and continues to outperform other systems on the market. Unlike metal community building options, our post-frame buildings that include our exclusive Energy Performer insulation system typically exceed state building codes for energy efficiency. With Energy Performer you not only conserve energy, you also save money on your heating and cooling costs year-round.

  • Morton Foundation System™

    A strong building starts with a strong foundation. Extend the life of your building by using concrete lower columns in your foundation, rather than wood. The evolution of post-frame construction is here— remove wood from the ground to create the strongest and most durable building yet. Morton Buildings is committed to building all new structures, when possible, without wood in the ground. The Morton Foundation System ensures that we continue to offer the best building possible.

  • Vertically Integrated Company

    Exceptional quality is the hallmark of a Morton. We’re only as good as our materials so we take full control of the entire process. We source and manufacture our own materials. We roll form our own steel, build our own trusses, doors, and so much more. Morton operates six manufacturing facilities where many of our building components are produced. Our vertical integration allows us to control quality, timelines, and reduce shipping costs.

  • Craftsmen in the Field

    The difference between a good building and a great building is craftsmanship. Regardless of the materials, a building is only as good as the people who construct it. At Morton, we are true craftsmen and we want to build structures that exceed your expectations. All of our crews are full-time and only construct our buildings. Our foremen have, on average, 16 years of experience. These are seasoned professionals who make a career at Morton and participate in continuous training.

  • The Industry’s Best Warranty

    At Morton, we honor our commitment to you, a pledge that dates back to the first Morton building, which was constructed over six decades ago. Morton offers unmatched warranties including a 50-year snow warranty with no weight limit, a 5-year wind warranty with no velocity limit, and a 35-year paint warranty. Written using easy-to-understand language, our warranty serves to directly inform, not confuse, our customers. Most companies have pass-through warranties from their suppliers that are hard to track down when you have a warranty claim. Because all of our warranties are handled in-house, Morton is truly with you from concept through completion and beyond.

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