Could Your Building Use Some TLC?

We repair buildings in all states of, well, disrepair. We fix doors and windows. We install skylights. We add on to current structures. We completely renovate buildings that some might tear down. Check out these building transformations in this before and after photo gallery.
68 after
68 before
Lutz after 1
Lutz before 1
Gutwiler after
Gutwiler before
Rosburgbefore 1
Hunt after 1
Hunt before 1
Slider after
Slider before
Hacker after
Hacker before
Forrest after
Forrest before
Gw after
Gw before
Cross after
Cross before
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Conrad after
Conrad before
Imhoff after
Imhoff before
Gokey after
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Hunt crib after
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Garrett after 1
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Blohm after 1
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House after
House before
Pierce after
Pierce before
St Paul after2
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De Geeter after
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Claypool after
Claypool before
Mckeon after
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Mclachlan before
Butler after
Butler before

From Minor Repairs to Major Renovations, We Can Help Your Building Look New Again

At Morton Buildings, we understand that a well-used shop or garage can take a beating. And when it does, our expert repair teams are here to help! The team will handle a wide variety of minor or major repairs on your property, plus any renovations to siding, wainscot, doors, windows, or roof steel.

What are the Advantages of Choosing Morton?

  • Product Experts: Our team consists of construction professionals who know the details of these builds and will perform a full inspection of the building to ensure we meet all of your needs
  • Quality: We use quality Morton materials on your existing structure to make it look new again
  • Versatility: Even if you don’t own a Morton building, we can repair most post-frame buildings in most locations*, and our repairs and renovations include superior Morton materials and the unmatched Morton craftsmanship

Popular Repair Requests Include Repairing, Adjusting, or Converting:

  • Steel Renovation: Roof and/or walls
  • Sliding Doors: Add, repair, or replace
  • Interior Insulation and Finishing
  • Windows: Add, repair, or replace
  • Post Repairs
  • Equestrian Stalls: Add, repair, or replace
  • Gutter Services: Add or replace
  • Trim Repairs
  • Skylight Installations
  • Building Extensions
  • Porch Additions


  • New Property: Move to a new property, but not happy with the color of the building?
  • Updated Look: Ready to modernize the appearance?
  • Financial: Renovating may be a more cost-efficient way to meet your building needs until you are ready to build new

Our services include minor or major repairs and renovations on siding, wainscot, doors, or a roof that utilizes Morton's time-tested Hi-Rib™ steel. We completely renovate buildings that some might tear down.

We Have Seen it All and Serve Customers with All Types of Damages:

  • Steel Chalking
  • Hail
  • Storm Damage
  • Door Damage
  • Damaged Steel or Dents
  • Faded or Rusted Steel


If you’re looking for features that add value to your existing building, we can add our exclusive Energy Performer insulation liner for enhanced energy efficiency, or a porch, new doors, or new gutters for the ultimate curb appeal.

If you’re looking for an exterior transformation that will refresh your existing building, we can color match or provide a new color palette or patterns for a steel roof or siding.

Read these blog posts to learn more:

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A Real-Life Success Story Using Morton’s Renovation Services

Morton Buildings and Rotted Post Repair

We are committed to respond with urgency to your requests. Contact us today at 1-800-447-7436 or submit the online form below to restore the beauty and longevity of your building.

Experts in the following Repair & Renovation Services

Building Additions
Door Repair and Conversions
Steel Roof Replacements
Skylight Installations
Porch/Lean-to additions
Steel Trim Repairs
Post Repairs
Steel Siding Replacements
Gutter Services
Interior Insulation

*Repair service team capacity in some of Morton Buildings coverage area limits the ability to service repairs on non-Morton buildings. To inquire about the availably of non-Morton Repair services in your area fill out the information in the form below.

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