Morton Buildings is the industry-leader in post-frame construction. Our crews construct the insulated, lockable shell for the building, but we work with a network of subcontractors like you for other key components of the build such as site work, concrete, blown-in insulation, interior buildout, and mechanical systems.

For current and new subcontractors, we’re moving to TradeTapp, by BuildingConnected, for a simple, secure, user-friendly qualification experience, and ease of future communication. This online program will provide a simplified and efficient review and approval process for both you and Morton Buildings, and ensure we have all the proper contact information and paperwork for future contracts, payments, and program reminders.

Confidential and Secure

TradeTapp’s secure platform safely protects the transmittal of sensitive documents unlike email or fax. Access to sensitive data is permission controlled by you.

Expand Your Network

The best part with this new program is you only need to submit your most up-to-date information once. Submit any application and automatically create a stored qualification to use for any Morton Buildings’ construction center and/or GC in the TradeTapp network.


Before you get started, please have access to your company’s W-9, tax identification number, business license, and Certificate of Insurance.

  • Use the link below to connect you through TradeTapp within the BuildingConnected app, guiding you to the online questionnaire.
    • If you already have a BuildingConnected account, please login and move to step 2. If you are new to BuildingConnected, create an Autodesk ID and login.
  • At a minimum, enter and/or update details for questions noted as required.
  • Upon completion, a confirmation email will be sent that your application is completed for review.

To Get Started, CLICK HERE.

Have Questions?

Our support team is ready to assist you. Contact your local construction center for more information.