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These classic 1-story Shop-House concepts are easy to design and easy to finish. The shop is usually large and tall to accommodate hobby/farm vehicles and is often just as important as the living space. 

The attached or built-in living quarters could be a space where you park-store-sleep in your weekend getaway, an extra bedroom on your property for friends and relatives when they visit you, temporary living space when you build your custom home, your future “downsized” residence, or simply living space required by code. The Bristow is also an excellent choice for lakeside living, or any vacation home property for those who love to adventure!


Bristow I

Bristow I

575 sq. ft. Living | 36'W x 16'H x 56'L

Whether you’re looking for a compact, functional home away from home where you can also focus on your hobbies, or you are building a backyard shop and guest house combo, the Bristow I is the ideal, medium-sized Shop-House. A single-story open floor plan allows you to configure the layout of your space according to your personal needs.

Bristow II

Bristow II

1008 sq. ft. Living | 42'W x 16'H x 60'L

This model features a spacious shop with room for tall vehicles, extra storage space in the mezzanine level, and an easy to finish single level, 2- bedroom living space. This structure could function as a temporary home and combined storage space, or a garage with a weekend getaway space. Either way, your family will enjoy this Morton Shop-House for a long time to come!

Bristow III

Bristow III

1200 sq. ft. Living | 30'W x 9'H x 40'L

This versatile L-shaped Shop-House boasts a compact 2 bedroom living quarters as well as a functional shop that provides room for your hobbies, vehicles, and large equipment. The shop is configured with a drive through RV space for convenience. The single level easy to finish living space is a great way to increase the value of your investment, increase its resale value or make it easier to obtain permits. Stretch this concept in any direction to increase storage!

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See floor plan ideas for the Bristow and other shop-home offerings, learn more about the construction process and the Morton Advantage.​


Every component used in a Morton Shop-House structure is optimally designed, tested, manufactured, and constructed to maximize the strength and integrity of Morton’s building system. Morton also examines your individual building needs to make sure your home is designed to stand up to the loads it will be required to carry throughout its life. Morton offers unmatched warranties including a 50-year snow warranty with no weight limit, a 5-year wind warranty with no velocity limit, and a 35-year paint warranty on most colors. Written using easy-to-understand language, our warranty serves to directly inform, not confuse, our customers. At Morton, we honor our commitment to you, a pledge that dates to the first Morton building, which was constructed over six decades ago. Because all our warranties are handled in-house, Morton is truly with you from concept through completion and beyond.

We look forward to discussing your home building project. To connect with your local Morton team, fill out the form below or connect with your local construction center.

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