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Diamond M Doors

Barn, Dutch, and Loft Doors

The finishing touch to enhance the safety, functionality, and style of your building.

As one of the most heavily used features of your building, you need the exterior doors to be well designed, well featured, and made of good quality components. You want to make sure you invest in a door that not only suits your style, but also will be dependable and long-lasting. Whether it’s the barn door, the dutch door, or the loft door, our Diamond M™ Series of doors are designed and manufactured to be rugged, functional, and stylish.

The UV-resistant, high-impact, Lexan windows allow a tremendous amount of natural light in the building. The rugged G90 galvanized welded door frame has a powder coat finish that is backed by a three-year fade warranty. The inside of each door is filled with 2"x 8" tongue and groove, #1 southern yellow pine lumber to provide a beautiful appearance, extreme durability, and ease of replacing if damaged. And all doors are available in a variety of paint color options and combinations to complement your building style.


The Diamond M barn doors create a wide, open space to conveniently enter the barn with your horse trailer, or truckloads of bedding, shavings, or a wagon load of hay.

Opening the barn end doors allows great airflow and ventilation in the barn, particularly in those warmer summer months. The Diamond M7 barn door has a flush stainless-steel pull handle and durable guide rail at the bottom for ease of operation. Of course, latching the doors is important, and the Diamond M barn doors can be latched from both the inside and outside. These barn doors latch when opened to protect from wind damage, as well as when the doors are shut for added security. With heights ranging from 8' to 14' tall and widths at 10', 12' and 14' there are multiple barn end door styles and options available. While these doors are not intended for use in a conditioned building, an optional brush seal can be added around the door to help diminish drafts.


Available in full and half heights, the Diamond M Dutch doors provide a very functional and aesthetic appeal to your building, while keeping the safety of your equine companions top of mind. The Lexan glass top option includes a bar section on the inside of the door that stands off the glass for added protection and easy access to clean. This also provides convenient access to the low-profile top latch for you and not your horses. A practical cane-style door latch safely secures the door closed, and exterior latches easily keep the doors in the open position when your horses are out for a run or need to have ease of access between the inside and outside of the stall. For more information on the available styles, colors, and yoke-guard option, download our Diamond M brochure.


Add to the functionality and style of your building with a loft door. Whether added just for the aesthetic appeal, or for accessibility to the loft of your structure, the Diamond M loft door has a variety of dependable styles to fit your needs.


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