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Safety. Functionality. Style.

Morton Buildings partnered with Classic Equine Equipment and co-designed a new line of sliding door and hinged horse stalls to elevate our equestrian offering for the most discerning of horse owners. Created with safety as the main priority, every component of a Classic Equine stall will enhance the protection of the horse, rider, and everyone who comes in contact with the stall. Design, materials, and construction all work together toward recognizing the importance horse owners put on a safe and comfortable barn environment.


From door panels that match your stall front to solid pipe bottom to increase ventilation, we a have several options for your preferred style. The hinged-door 12-foot European stall front provides an elegant, open concept design, while the sliding door adds a major space-saving advantage ideal for busy facilities or buildings with a narrower aisle.

Sliding Stall Door - Space-saving for narrower aisles
Hinged Stall Door - Elegant, open concept


All horse stalls include:

  • No sharp corners or hardware protruding from the stall delivers maximum safety of body, mane, and tail
  • 14-gauge, heavy-duty, pre-galvanized steel 1” bars on 3” center (2” between bars) on upper grillwork secures your companion without concern for the animal to harm themselves
  • 1.5” between bars on optional lower section for additional safety precautions
  • All powder-coated surfaces receive a special wash bath prior to being painted to improve adhesion, keeping your stall looking its best for years to come
  • Specially designed, tongue-and-groove Southern Yellow Pine lumber provides a beautiful appearance, extreme durability, and ease of replacing if damaged.

With Classic Equine stalls designed for your Morton building, the beauty of your stall barn will shine both inside and out while providing a functional, safe environment for you and your equine companions. Using only the highest quality materials that have been time-tested to withstand the demands of housing a horse, these elegant stalls will last for years to come.


We look forward to working with you on your equestrian building project. To connect with your local Morton team, fill out the form below or contact your local construction center. And in the meantime, explore our brochure for more inspiration and information on our equestrian building options.

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