A Morton Dream Fulfilled in Rural Ohio

April 21, 2016

Bill and Pat, Morton Buildings owners from Bainbridge, Ohio, were introduced to Morton when a family member just an hour up the road built with Morton. The facility made quite the impression on the couple.

Pat called the reaction “barn envy”. They liked it so much, they built a Morton barn of their own.

“We decided to go with (Morton) because I think we knew that they were the best and that they stood behind everything they built,” Pat said of the family’s choice to build with Morton. “It wasn’t a risky proposition. It was a good, safe, sound investment.

Their new facility – made up of a living area and a garage – is 48’W x 16’H x 53’L with Morton’s Hi-Rib steel, a cupola, porch, stone and steel wainscot and deep fascia overhangs. The living area, which was built with a loft, features Morton’s Energy Performer insulation system.

With the guidance of a Morton Buildings sales consultant, the family designed the entire structure with their own vision in mind.

“(The sales consultant) came several times and listened to what we wanted and allowed us to pretty much design the whole thing ourselves,” Pat said. “We did it on a piece of graph paper and talked about it and kept coming up with new and better (ideas). Finally, we ended up with this building and we’re really proud of it because it’s us. We designed it ourselves.”

The living space includes a kitchen, family room, full bathroom and additional storage space. The garage stores two of the family’s boats and additional equipment for hunting and landscaping.

“We haven’t filled it yet,” Pat said of the garage with a smile. “But knowing us, we will.”

And while Morton buildings have long been identified by the trademark steel exterior, Pat raved about the beauty of Morton’s other available exterior features.

“We think the stone trim on all of the pillars is so pretty,” Pat continued. “It has pretty much been made to match our house, as far as the colors of the siding and the metal roof. They tie in beautifully so it doesn’t look like an add-on. It looks like we meant to have this all along. It’s wonderful.”

With the project finalized and the building serving its designated use, Pat couldn’t help but feel a sense of pride stemming from her new Morton building.

“This was our dream,” Pat boasted. “My husband used to say, ‘if we could just have a beautiful barn right there, it would be perfect.’

“And now we’ve got it. We can’t wait to use it for many, many years to come.”

Click here to see more photos of this project.

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