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July 22, 2016

Phil, a new Morton Buildings owner from South Carolina, proudly shared photos of his new Morton building on the internet during construction and after its completion. What followed was positive feedback from his friends and family – and even a few strangers.

“I actually had a lady email me from Facebook because she saw some of the pictures I had posted,” he explained with a chuckle. I think she was somewhere out in the Midwest. Word gets around.”

What Phil built was a 1,350-square-foot insulated hobby garage (30'W x 14'H x 45'L) in the town of Gaffney, about an hour’s drive over the state border from Charlotte. The facility, built as a space for Phil to “tinker” on his cars and trucks, features many of Morton’s traditional building components, including Hi-Rib steel, a cupola, a porch and windows with shutters.

“One thing I really liked about Morton was their delivery on the materials to the job site here,” Phil said of a building erected on his property near a wooded area. “The logistics of getting everything back in here from the road was very detailed and took a lot of maneuvering to get in here.”

The shop also includes two 10-foot overhead doors, a sitting area and an open floor plan. A lift capable of raising 10,000 pounds allows Phil to complete his desired work. The space also includes a loft outfitted with pull-down staircases to save space.

Phil also noted the engineering of a Morton building and its ability to stand strong in extraordinary weather events. With more than 100 construction centers nationwide, a Morton building has to have the ability to withstand a wide variety of potential dangers, including blizzards, tornadoes, hurricanes and extreme temperatures.

“We’ve had a tornado touchdown within a quarter mile of the house back in the woods here,” Phil said, gesturing near his Morton building. “I have been out in the shop when it’s been raining so hard you couldn’t see (my) house. We actually, at one point in time, had a storm come through -- had wind-wrapped rain that actually plastered the front of the house under the porch with leaves and debris. And, of course, nothing happened to the (Morton) building behind me.”

Throughout our conversation with Phil, the Cherokee County resident repeatedly and enthusiastically lauded the work done by Morton’s Fletcher, N.C.-based construction crew, as well as Morton’s construction process.

“I watched them every day,” he explained. “They work like harmony together. I took pictures every day of their progress and they are like a finely oiled sewing machine. I mean – I was really impressed by the way the crew got along together, how neat they kept the job site and the professional manners they even portrayed towards me.”

“It was evident they really cared about what they were doing, too. I could see that in all the workers’ eyes … that’s what I think is important about Morton. It’s personal.”

He summed up his building – and the experience that came with it – with three simple words.

“I love it.”

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