Making the Perfect Man Cave

February 3, 2012

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The Super Bowl is here.

Forget the game, the commercials or even the party.

Really, it all depends on where you’re watching the game.

We’re talking about man caves.

A “man cave” has long resided in an extra living room or basement. Basically, it is an area to have a big television and showcase all the stuff that your significant other would never let you put in the living room.

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It also has to be comfortable retreat – a comfy couch or chair is a must. Maybe it includes a pool table, foosball or a ping-pong table.

The question is, how do you incorporate all of those things while still staying on speaking terms with your spouse?

There is some class and elegance involved in making the perfect man cave. HGTV designer Lisa Laporta dishes out some good advice when it comes to these man palaces.

“I don’t like rooms that are all about the TV. And by the way, TVs aren’t that pretty when they aren’t on,” LaPorta said. “So make sure you think that through in your rooms and you have enough features and focal points to balance the room even when the TV isn’t on.”

That shouldn’t be a problem because most guys can easily build a collection of beer signs, posters and jerseys.

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To help give you some ideas on constructing the perfect man cave, you’ll see some links below, including a photo album of what some Morton Buildings’ owners have done.

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