New Recreational Building Provides Perfect Retreat for Evansville Family

October 16, 2023

Tucked away on a picturesque 5-acre property near Evansville, the Wesselman family is enjoying their dream retreat in a new recreational building adjacent to their home. With its 48-by-70-foot dimensions, this multipurpose structure has become an integral part of their daily lives, offering a space that caters to their diverse needs and brings the family closer together.

For Robert Wesselman, his wife, Courtney, and three children, ages 8 to 12, the building is a versatile haven that brings joy, convenience and cherished moments to their family life.

“We had a hard time finding property, so we ended up buying land just west of Evansville,” Robert explained. “There was already a house on it — a single-level 3,200-square-foot home — and now a walkway that leads to our new building.”

Designed and constructed by Morton Buildings, the facility supports family gatherings and entertainment. The 12-by-35-foot recreational area includes a small kitchen and a full bath, while the loft has become a fun retreat for the children.

“Storage is another big benefit,” Wesselman says. “With the 14-foot doors and 16-foot-high ceilings, it can accommodate vehicles of all sizes, from RVs to boats and lawn mowers to our everyday vehicles.”

Both the storage space and separate recreational area have heating and air conditioning for year-round comfort.

Wesselman adds that the spacious 12-foot porch has become a favorite spot for the family to unwind and appreciate the surrounding beauty. Whether it’s sharing meals, relaxing with a book or simply enjoying each other’s company, the porch has become an extension of their living space.

From a structural standpoint, the building’s post-frame construction method blends superior efficiency, flexibility and strength so the family can enjoy the facility for years to come.

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