Roof Types and Styles for Your Morton Building

June 29, 2017

Morton’s roofs are designed for long-term good looks, and they’re available in a variety of colors and roof pitches.  To enhance the style and function of your building, read on to explore the many available options for roofs in post-frame construction.

What is a gable roof?

A gable roof is a more traditional roof that slopes downward in two parts at an angle from a central ridge, so as to leave a gable at each end.



What is a monitor roof?

A raised structure running along the ridge of a double-pitched roof, with its own roof running parallel with the main roof.

What is a gambrel roof?

A gambrel roof has two sides, each of which has a shallower slope above a steeper one.

What is a mono-slope roof?

A roof with a constant slope in one direction, generally not attached to another roof surface.

What is a hip roof?

A hip roof has slopes on all four sides.  The sides come together at the top to form the ridge.  Many people add a gable over the entry as an embellishment.

What is a Dutch hip roof?

It is a hybrid of the gable and hip roof combination, where the gable is the triangular portion placed on the peak of the hip roof.  The four sides of the Dutch hip roof slope downwards and works well to remove snow and rainwater.

What is a gable dormer roof?

A dormer is a roofed structure, often containing a window that projects vertically beyond the plane of a pitched roof.  A gabled roof on your dormer helps shed water away from the window and down its sides.

What is a deep fascia overhang?

This type of overhang adds aesthetic beauty and helps with ventilation of the building.

What is an eyebrow overhang?

It’s a small roof attached to the wall that helps to protect an exterior door or part of an entryway.

What is a turkey tail gable peak?

Originally used to haul hay into the loft with a rope on a track hung from the turkey tail, now it simply gives a beautiful finished look to your building.

In addition to these options, you may choose to extend the roof to create a wraparound porch.  You also have options for roofing materials to achieve a totally custom look.  Click here for more information on our roll-formed steel.

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