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Just as the name says, a workshop is where you get work done. Whether that means a place for woodworking, welding, restoration, taxidermy, auto mechanic work, repairing machinery or just a home for your tools, Morton Buildings will help you create the perfect metal workshop building that’s comfortable and functional.

Post-frame workshops designed and constructed by Morton are strong like steel, as comfortable as wood, and as low-maintenance as concrete. They are quick to build, virtually maintenance free, energy saving, and long lasting. Between efficiency in building and efficiency in owning, your decision to build with Morton has both short and long-term value.

Your Morton steel workshop building is constructed to withstand all sorts of elements. That’s because it’s made with the industry’s toughest steel, high-quality lumber and best paint available for this application to stand the test of time. That’s how Morton became a national leader of steel garage buildings. Our high-quality, durable materials, and sound construction methods ensure you a have a building you can be proud to own.

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Recent Workshop Projects

Custom Workshops for Any Project

Not a building kit, your Morton steel workshop can be customized to complement any existing structures, including your home. We work with you to provide everything from premier windows to one-piece hydraulic doors. You can also add features like acoustical steel to cut down on noise and Morton’s exclusive Energy Performer® insulation system to provide a comfortable and energy-efficient insulated metal frame workshop year-round.

You may also want to think about additional interior customizations as you plan what to use your workshop for. Will you need plumbing? How will you organize your tools? What kind of lighting will work best? Where is the most practical place for a workbench? What kind of dust collection or ventilation system will be needed?

We are also able to offer a nearly unlimited selection of features for your building. From exterior siding options like Hi-Rib™ steel, brick and stone to cupolas, porches, overhead doors, and walk doors, Morton buildings can truly reflect your personal tastes inside and out.

Morton offers the superior and durable FLUOROFLEX® paint system that consists of a 70% polyvinylidene difluoride (PVDF) topcoat or “color coat” and polyurethane primer that is coated onto a heavy GALVALUME® or a heavy hot-dipped galvanized steel substrate. FLUOROFLEX 1000 underwent extensive laboratory testing before being used in the field. With FLUOROFLEX 1000, your building is virtually maintenance-free, easy to clean and will stay beautiful for years to come. Test out our wide variety of steel paint color combinations using the interactive Morton Buildings 3D Studio, which produces a printable, sharable color rendering of your Morton building.

However, if you are not interested in customizations, the Morton Standard line of basic building packages may be a perfect solution for you. The Morton Standard line includes our most popular configurations and features that are pre-manufactured in our facilities for efficient production and shipment, creating a standardized offering at a price point you’ll love.

Benefits of a Morton Steel Workshop Building

Every component used in a Morton building is optimally designed, tested, manufactured and constructed to maximize the strength and integrity of Morton’s building system. Morton also examines your individual building needs to make sure your building is designed to stand up to the loads it will be required to carry throughout its life.

Morton metal workshop buildings are engineered from the foundation to the roof trusses to be dependable, long-lasting and attractive. To ensure this, Morton uses only quality components. Morton’s Hi-Rib™ steel is roll-formed with arch-shaped, one-inch high major ribs on 12" center. When a load is placed on top of an arch, one of the strongest architectural shapes, instead of collapsing, the force of the load spreads out and down the arch’s side. Our Hi-Rib panels are not only strong, they are also aesthetically pleasing and reflect sunlight from various angles. Our steel is hail impact resistant and external fire resistant, supported by the Underwriter’s Laboratory; the durability of our steel can translate into building insurance discounts for some customers.

Stainless steel internal drive screws have a solid 300 series stainless steel head and shank with carbon steel tip for penetrating steel panels. The screws are painted to match our steel colors. The screws also have separate stainless EPDM washers. It is highly resistant to deterioration by UV rays and remains flexible even in extreme heat or cold. It also forms an excellent seal between the screw and steel.

Morton Buildings recognizes that a superior building is best accented with an outstanding paint coating. That’s why Morton offers the FLUOROFLEX paint system. FLUOROFLEX 1000 consists of a 70% polyvinylidene difluoride (PVDF) topcoat or “color coat” and polyurethane primer that is coated onto a heavy GALVALUME® or a heavy hot-dipped galvanized steel substrate. This superior paint system provides your metal frame workshop with multiple layers of protection.

Morton provides unmatched warranties including a 50-year snow warranty on most paint colors with no weight limit, a 5-year wind warranty with no velocity limit, and a 35-year paint warranty on most paint colors. Written using easy-to-understand language, our warranty serves to directly inform, not confuse, our customers. At Morton, we honor our commitment to you, a pledge that dates back to the first Morton building, which was constructed over six decades ago. Because all of our warranties are handled in-house, Morton is truly with you from concept through completion and beyond.

Working with Morton

Since the first Morton building was constructed in 1949, we have been working with our customers to provide a quality building and exceptional construction experience. Morton Buildings will work with you to plan for a steel workshop that meets your needs and style.

Morton Buildings owns and operates construction centers across the country as well as six manufacturing plants. From concept through completion, Morton Buildings' employees handle every aspect of the construction project, taking the worry out of buying a new building.

As part of the larger Morton network, he or she will guide you through the entire process of building a steel frame workshop:

• Arrange pre-build details, like concept development, building plans and quotes, site plan, permits and zoning details, budgeting and financing

• Oversee the building process, communicating with you throughout

• Check on your satisfaction after completion

Watch this video to learn more about planning your building project:

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