A Customer's Take on Morton's Energy Efficiency

February 14, 2012

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Here is a great example of how important energy efficiency is in any structure.

Brian constructed a Morton commercial building that was two and a half times bigger than his existing structure.

Even though the size of his building increased 16,000 square feet, his energy bills decreased by 32%.

“It’s a nice, tight facility,” said Brian, who is an owner at G.A. Rich & Sons Plumbing in Deer Creek, IL. “Morton Buildings had everything all the way from the insulation, the foundation through the garage doors.”

Brian used Morton’s exclusive Energy Performer® insulation system, which exceeds many state building codes for efficiency.

Another key component was the installation of in-floor heating in his 14,000 square foot shop.

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“Especially early in the morning, between 5:00 and 6:00 a.m., the guys are in here loading trucks, the doors are up and down,” Brian said. “With the energy package, the doors that we chose and all of the insulation we put in here, it is able to maintain a great temperature.”

“The energy savings allowed us to spend a little more on our interior, on our furnishings – our desks, light fixtures.”

havana bank 2

Havana National Bank in Lewistown, IL received the Energy Star Label in 2009 and 2010. The building was constructed with the same energy standards Morton sets for all of its Energy Performer buildings.

In order to receive the distinction, Havana National Bank tracked its energy consumption and had to score in the top 25 percent based on the EPA’s National Energy Performance Rating System.

Morton provides its customers with environmentally friendly building options. In fact, Morton has also been going green for a long time, ever since we constructed our first building in 1949. The siding and roof steel used in our buildings is typically recycled and recyclable and many of our other materials are manufactured within 500 miles of the jobsite.

hopedale wind farm

The Rail Splitter Wind Farm Operations and Maintenance Facility in Hopedale, IL is another example of our green projects. It received LEED Silver Certification from the U.S. Green Building Council.

LEED recognizes buildings that have an approach to sustainability by recognizing conservation in several areas.

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So what can you do to become more energy efficient in your home? This Old House suggests a DIY Energy Audit.

“Air leaks are likely culprits, but so are ‘phantom’ power suckers, such as flat-screen TVs, which draw energy even when they’re off.”

Check out This Old House for more.

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