A Hobby Building Built For Generations to Come

August 21, 2015

Morton Buildings hobby buildings are known for being unique and efficient structures. Morton’s renowned post-frame construction model is perfect for providing individuals a fully customizable design process, all the way down to the finest detail.

Morton owner Jeff and his family are the proud inhabitants of a Morton hobby building in Spicer, Minn., a small town just a little more than 100 miles from Minneapolis. The construction of the family’s long-awaited recreational facility in a wooded area cradling Green Lake was nearly a decade in the making.

“I talked to my Morton rep for the first time eight or nine years ago,” he explained of his 10,206-square-foot facility. “It took us that long to research it and decide what we wanted and where we wanted to build it.”

A large portion of the delay was due to factors beyond their control. Without flat land large enough to fit the designated dimensions, the construction crew was forced to build the back north wall of the building into the earth about 14 feet, forcing the need for exterior retainer walls to be built.

Despite the difficulty, Morton was able to make his building vision work amidst the natural elements.

“Their expertise and design were very critical. The sales staff was fantastic. (Our sales consultant) was with us every step of the way and we appreciate everything he did for us.”

At 81'W x 20'H x 126'L, the exterior is adorned with a wide variety of features. Classic red Hi-Rib steel, cupolas, dormers and windows with shutters highlight the package. A porch and diamond “M” sliding doors are also featured.

While the exterior showcases Morton’s trademark beauty, the interior of the hobby building is equally magnificent. Two-thirds of the interior is made up of a recreation area with a “sport court” surface on top of concrete with in-floor heat. The space includes basketball hoops, a batting cage and space for pickleball.

The remaining third of the interior is described by Jeff as a “man cave” – mostly garage space. All of the space is protected by Morton’s Energy Performer insulation package.

“The building more than met our expectations. It turned out, I think, really attractive and meets all of our needs inside, plus being really energy efficient. We have in-floor heat, so on the coldest of winter Minnesota days, we’re in here in our shorts playing basketball, (even if it’s) minus-25 degrees outside. It was wonderful.”

The gymnasium interior also features Morton’s acoustical steel, cutting down on noises inside the hobby building created by bouncing basketballs and voices.

“We had to meet certain building zoning requirements and you can hear in this big open area and if I was to bounce that basketball there’s really no echo. So the acoustical steel has been fantastic.”

The final package has proved to be something Jeff and his family can be proud of.

“My overall impression of Morton is just a great company that has great people. And the people made our project turn out to completely satisfy our goals and our needs and I thank all of them very much. We have an endless amount of feedback, mostly positive, about what we’ve built and planned for our family for generations to come.”


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