February 10, 2020

Morton Buildings is pleased to announce the winner of the 2019 “Giving Away the Farm” sweepstakes! Ellen and Don of Illinois has won an amazing prize package worth over $98,000 and includes a $75,000 credit towards a Morton building and a 2018 John Deere Gator™ XUV835M Crossover Utility Vehicle with an approximate retail value of $23,000!

Although Ellen and Don currently reside in Illinois, they purchased property a few years ago in Wisconsin, and they plan to build their new Morton building there.

“We were looking at building a building on the property,” said Ellen. “And we were looking at all different types of buildings to put up. We happened to be taking down a building with some friends and we found out the building we were taking down was actually a Morton building. When my husband and I were looking at how the building was constructed, and what was in the building, we were very impressed with how it was built. That’s when we decided to start looking at building a Morton instead.”

Ellen entered the sweepstakes through the Morton Buildings website. How did Don react when she told him about winning the sweepstakes? “It was kind of funny because I was driving home and she gave me a call and said, “Well, I think we won something” and I said, “Ok, here we go” and then she went on to tell me,” said Don. “It was a 45-minute drive home and it was a 45-minute conversation. And when I got home, we started looking at it. And she’s a nurse by trade, so there’s no grey areas. After making sure it was legit, she talked about it all night!”

“Prior to even finding out we won, we actually had been looking at different types of buildings that Morton builds, and we kept looking different sizes and things that they could put in the building,” said Ellen. “Every time I found something I liked, I would print it off and show it to my husband and say, “Look what they can do, look what they can build!” He actually got in contact with Steve (sales consultant) from Morton Buildings and started working on different types of buildings for us. So when I got the call that we won, it was a shock because we were in the process already of doing this. It was a very good surprise! We were very happy that we won. And then find out that we also won a John Deere Gator, was an even bigger surprise and made us even happier because we use four-wheelers, ATVs and UTVs our here all the time on our property, day in and day out.”

The 2018 John Deere Gator™ XUV835M Crossover Utility Vehicle was delivered on January 30th by their local dealership. “It’s a good unit,” said Ellen. “It has everything. You couldn’t ask for more. The power dump is definitely a plus!”

Now that their friends and family have found out that they won for real, they are all happy and excited. “Everybody is ecstatic,” said Ellen. “Everyone wants me to touch them so my luck will rub off on them. And they’ve all been waiting for the Gator to get delivered to see what the Gator looks like too. They were all impressed and happy because everyone knows Morton Buildings and says that’s the top of the line building.”

What do they plan on using their new building for? “I’m into vintage snowmobiles,” said Don. “It’s going to be a workshop/showroom for my vintage snowmobiles.”

“We started out with something very simple and basic and we ended up with something very phenomenal,” said Ellen. “I’m putting cupolas on the top because I love those!”

“It will be a 36’x50’ building with an 8-foot porch off of the one side and halfway down the back,” said Don. “For the area that’s going to be the display for the sleds, it’s got the windows in that half, and the half that’s cold storage and workspace, we didn’t put any windows in that. We went with 10-foot ceilings so that we’re able to put shelving up and stack multiple vintage snowmobiles. The whole point of us going up there is to enjoy retirement, and this has definitely pushed it forward fast.”

“It’s going to be a great looking building,” said Ellen. “We’ve got copies of pictures of it and it’s a beautiful building. We’re looking forward to seeing it go up and start using it. It’s been a great experience so far.”

Previous winners have constructed farm, equestrian, commercial, and residential facilities across Missouri, Iowa, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Illinois, Ohio, and New York.

Stay tuned for more updates of Ellen and Don’s building!

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