Nunnery Vet Hospital Satisfied with New Facility from Start to Finish

June 14, 2018

Dr. Carrie Nunnery, owner of Nunnery Vet Hospital, a 3,672 square-foot boarding and veterinary clinic in Summit, Mississippi, had some specific things in mind when looking to build a new facility. 

“There were some special things I that I was needing for it being a veterinary clinic and why I went with Morton—they did have experience building veterinary clinics and also an animal shelter not far from here,” said Dr. Nunnery.

Proper drainage of the building site was actually one of her most critical needs.  “I wanted somebody who knew the drainage that was going to be needed for the clinic,” she said.  And that somebody was her experienced Morton sales consultant who helped guide her through the entire construction process, including talking over drainage issues. 

Morton’s Hi-Rib acoustical steel was also a specific need Dr. Nunnery was looking to include. Installed in or around the ceiling, acoustical steel helps to reduce the noise levels inside the building, something that is important when housing numerous dogs.

“Being a vet clinic, it’s very noisy, especially back in boarding, so having the sound proofing that Morton has in the walls—it’s really something I was wanting so that the whole building wasn’t constantly echoing,” she said.

Functionality and aesthetics were the last requirement that was sought after.  “The biggest thing was just making sure that it was going to have surfaces that were easily cleaned but still looked nice,” Dr. Nunnery said.  As Morton’s clear-span design of the building allowed for an open floorplan with virtually unlimited choices for layout and interior finishes, she was also able to meet this need easily.

What was her overall experience with building a new veterinary facility? 

“I’ve been really pleased from start to finish with this project, especially my sales manager that I dealt with, was extremely helpful.  From not only just the building, but from start to finish with the whole project, so, definitely, I would go with Morton Buildings again.”

Our veterinary customers like Nunnery Vet Hospital are a perfect fit for a project delivery system (PDS), which is a proven, process approach to construction. Morton’s PDS process delivers projects that meet scope, schedule, and budget, which alleviates stress, eliminates time loss, and ultimately reduces the overall project cost. 

View more project photos or watch her interview for more information!


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