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designBUILD – From concept to completion

Morton designBUILD is a team of experienced construction professionals that works with customers and architects, from concept to completion, to create custom multi-use and commercial buildings.  Supported by the full resources of industry-leading Morton Buildings, designBUILD uses a proven project delivery system to provide a seamless and transparent building experience.  As a single-source resource with a national footprint, designBUILD is trusted by customers to manage the entire process of a construction project. 

Whether you’re a design professional looking for an experienced construction partner or a business owner looking to expand, Morton designBUILD can coordinate the design and construction of your project. From vet clinics and restaurants to retail centers and churches, every Morton building is customized to meet your present and future needs.  We work with companies and organizations in various stages of their building project—some have already had plans drawn by an outside architect, some are only in the planning phase, and some are ready for our designers/architects to draw up plans and move forward with construction.  No matter what stage you are in currently, we will help guide you to the best possible outcome.

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Improving the customer experience

The most effective way to engage in new commercial construction today is with a design-build approach.  This means that one entity, the design-builder, enters into a single contract with the owner to provide both design and construction services.  With sole-source responsibility of a single contract for both design and construction, the responsibility for coordinating all project elements falls into the hands of the design-build team, not the owner. 

We utilize a Project Delivery System (PDS) that includes these four areas:

  • Project Development
  • Concept Package
  • Construction Package
  • Construction

This allows for a more efficient design process, and achieves a lower overall cost of construction by building value into the project and seeking to eliminate costly change orders.  You and your local Morton sales consultant will work with a dedicated team of project managers, drafting technicians, construction estimators, and on-site construction coordinators from start to finish. 


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Morton designBUILD Benefits:

  • Single source accountability – We design it, build it, manage construction, and warranty it
  • Customer involvement – You have input throughout the process and make the informed decisions
  • Budgeting – In our PDS, the budget is constantly evaluated against the project scope
  • Construction time -- We reduce the construction timeline by having a well-defined scope and reduce or eliminate the need for change orders


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Events Schedule

Morton designBUILD experts attend a variety of trade shows across the country.  The current schedule of events includes:

North American Vet Community (VAVC)  Orlando, FL  Feb 4-8
NAVC-- North American Vet Community Orlando, FL Feb 5-8
Wood Solutions Fair Dallas Dallas, TX March 22
NFMT--High Performing Buildings Dallas, TX May 17-18
AWEA --Wind farm Anaheim, CA May 23-25
AVMA--American Vet Medical Assoc. Indianapolis, IN July 22-24
CVC and Hosptial Design Conference 2017 Kansas City, MO Aug 23-28
Wood Solutions Fair Washington, D.C. Aug 29
Wood Solutions Fair Charlotte, NC Nov 2


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