A Building That Stands Out in a Storm

March 8, 2012

The aftermath of a severe storm can be devastating. It can leave you feeling alone and unsettled as you begin to rebuild your home and community.

Unfortunately, that’s what many in the Midwest and South are dealing with this week after deadly tornados ripped through their area.

This type of disaster can leave people looking for help and a dependable company they can trust to help them throughout the rebuilding process. Whether it’s a home, hobby shop, horse barn or machine storage building, protecting your investment is important.

That’s why Morton Buildings offers some peace-of-mind when it comes to ensuring your structure stays intact.

Morton offers a five-year wind load warranty with no wind velocity limit; which means if your building is damaged by wind we will fix it free of charge.

“We had about 11 outbuildings and then we added a Morton machine shed,” said Randy, who is from Rapid City, South Dakota. “We had a tornado that came through and all the other buildings at the place were skew out of plumb and level and the Morton remained exactly as square as the day they built it.”

Mark Greenley storm damage 009

But sometimes Mother Nature is just too much for a building.

During the spring of 2010, 100 mile per hour winds came through Knox City, Missouri. Trees and buildings were damaged or destroyed.

Luckily, Mark and his family were safe in their basement. Their house survived but their Morton machine storage shed didn’t.

A Morton construction crew got right to work, clearing debris the same day the storm occurred.

“I felt like I made a wise investment going with Morton due to the wind load warranty they had,” Mark said. “It’s unfortunate that it happened but the whole company personnel from top to bottom was real good and the crews that they had here, even on the weekend, were top notch.”

Less than three weeks later, Mark’s 60x120 farm building was rebuilt. Morton Buildings knows it is important to get back to normal after a storm. Customers can be confident that their warranty-covered building will be repaired or replaced as soon as possible.

“I would highly recommend them to anybody, due to some of the features they have,” Mark said. “You know it’s not just the warranty, but that is a big part of it.”

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