A Customer's Repeat Success With Morton

October 30, 2014

Horse owner Tommy liked his Morton Buildings equestrian facility so much, he built a second one just like it – more than 1,500 miles away from the first.

“I built my first Morton barn in Wyoming at the recommendation of my neighbors,” Tommy said of a structure that received national accolades from the National Frame Building Association as a ‘Building of the Year’ in 2011. “We got so many compliments and I enjoyed the barn so much and the building process that I built the same barn here in (central) Tennessee. I had another great experience with Morton Buildings.”

Tommy’s 1,920-square-foot facility, identical to his original barn near the Wyoming-Montana border, houses four horses and is measured at 40’W x 11’H x 48’L. Wood siding is featured on all four sides and Morton’s Hi-Rib steel makes up the roof at an 8/12 pitch. The ridge of the roof extends to feature a turkey tail overhang at the front of the structure.

Double Dutch doors and diamond ‘M’ sliding doors, described by Tommy as “excellent,” are also featured. A riding arena and pasture are adjacent to the building.

Of course, Morton’s construction process allows building owners to design every detail of a structure before it’s brought to life. Tommy, who transports his horses between his Wyoming and Tennessee properties annually, expressed his strong desire for a rustic-looking ‘cowboy barn’ instead of a modern ‘Kentucky-looking’ appearance.

“When you work through the design process with Morton Buildings, you’re free to insert any elements that you’re looking for. Once designed and the package arrives, the framing crew is so experienced at putting up these barns. It goes quickly and with great workmanship.”

The Tennessee barn, completed on a concrete slab in 2011, also features a loft that stores hay that is dropped straight into the horse stalls. The design simplified the horses’ feeding process.

“The thing I like about Morton Buildings is the way they build the barn in the factory with all the cuts made and send it out, ready to be assembled. Within a few weeks, you have an assembled barn ready to go. The workmanship is stellar. The elements of the horse stalls are from years of experience, obviously. My horses love my barns as much as I do.”

It was Morton’s wide national reach -- which includes more than 100 construction centers in 38 states and six major manufacturing plants -- that allowed Tommy to recreate his building in a different time zone. The original was built by a Morton construction crew from Sheridan, Wyo., while the second version came from a staff in Murfreesboro, Tenn. Like many of our customers, Tommy plans to return to Morton when the time calls for another building.

“Having built two Morton buildings, I have to say that … when I build another barn, I will be calling Morton to be my builder. The agreed-upon price (and) process of payment is on a schedule that is comfortable for the customer and made easy on me.”

In the end, Tommy echoed a sentiment from hundreds of thousands of Morton owners over the course of the last century.

“After 100 years, you can honestly say Morton Buildings has gotten it right.”

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