Building a Dream Barn in the Music City

August 25, 2014

Among the many building styles Morton Buildings provides, equestrian facilities rank near the top of the list. From barns and stables to riding arenas to pasture shelters, Morton has delivered only the best service to its customers and their horses for generations.

Describing herself as a horse-crazy teenager growing up in the Midwest, Jeanne and her husband Mark noted Morton’s time-tested reputation for state-of-the-art structures won out when Jeanne was looking to build a barn for her horses in Nashville, Tenn.

“Morton was the barn to build,” she explained. “I told myself that when we got able to have horses again – I kind of got out of it for a while to have a family and work on a career. And then we were ready to buy land and build – definitely wanted to get Morton out to give us an estimate and talk to them about building the barn that I dreamed of when I was a kid.”

And that’s what Morton provided for her. Completed on a concrete slab in late 2009 at an equal 36 feet wide and 36 feet long, the structure falls just a tick short of 1,300 square feet. It showcases stucco siding to match their home and masonry wainscot, all covered by a roof of Morton’s exclusive Hi-Rib steel along with a single functional cupola. The building also boasts diamond “M” sliding doors and double Dutch doors.

The barn has three stalls, each measuring 12 feet by 12 feet, to house two horses. The extra stall stores hay, while the barn also includes a tack room and additional storage for the family’s utility vehicles.

Skylights and windows provide a well-lit environment for the horses, a factor extremely important to Mark and Jeanne. The custom look and features of the Gentleman’s barn have been a hit with the couple’s family and friends.

“They absolutely loved it, especially the way it works with the house,” Mark said. “I think it’s really just spectacular. Everybody compliments us. They look out the back door and they say, ‘Oh my goodness, what a wonderful barn you’ve built’. So we’re really pleased with it. The aesthetics of it I think couldn’t be any better.”

Mark was so pleased and comfortable with the appearance and quality of his new barn, he asked Morton to return. Morton later built a run-in shelter for the horses at the Nashville property.

“I constantly recommend them to friends,” he said. “I’ve had two or three friends talk about building barns and it’s the first thing I say to them is you really need to consider Morton. They do a spectacular job.”

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