Custom Construction At Its Finest

September 2, 2014

“When our friends come over or family comes over for the first time, and they walk in the main room, their first reaction is ‘wow, this is impressive.”

Such is the response when visitors lay their eyes on Cason and Messina’s custom Morton Buildings home. The 42’ x 60’ home – which stretches to 5,400 square feet when including a three-stall garage, porch and guest area – was completed in 2010 in the Nashville suburbs.

The family stressed its desire for a custom-built home. The couple’s research ultimately resulted in choosing Morton, largely in part due to its reputation for custom construction.

The couple’s initial idea was to build a small temporary home, but a series of meetings with a Morton sales consultant allowed the project to grow into the 2,500-square-foot beauty it is today.

“My favorite thing about going with Morton to build our house is it’s definitely a one-of-a-kind,” Messina said. “We took them a napkin and they built us what we wanted.”

The home features Morton’s hallmark clear-span construction, creating an open interior area that includes the family’s living room, kitchen and dining area. The home interior also includes a stone fireplace.

“We don’t have to stick to certain floor plans, or we don’t have to worry about anybody else having the exact same thing we have,” Messina said. “And that makes it very unique. It’s probably the best place I could ever imagine staying for the rest of my life.”

The couple also raved about the construction process of their new home. The building components were prepared and delivered by Morton’s manufacturing facility in Garden City, Ala., one of six Morton facilities throughout the United States. A Morton construction crew based in Murfreesboro, Tenn. brought the building to life.

“The way they lay it out is so fast and their buildings, or homes, are efficient,” Messina said. “But their crews, they work very efficiently and they get everything done ahead of schedule.”

“They’re just good people,” Cason added.

Beige Hi-Rib steel and stone wainscot on the exterior surround Morton’s hydraulically compressed laminated columns. The home features Morton’s Energy Performer insulation system, allowing for efficient climate control in the home despite having wide open living areas and concrete floors.

“With the insulation and the doors and windows that we received – Morton told us up front, before we ever built the house that it would stay about 72 year-round, regardless,” Messina said. “And it does.”

The family’s home is one of thousands of buildings Morton constructs annually. The family-owned company owns more than six decades of building experience and more than a century of experience overall as a construction industry leader.

“We’ve recommended Morton to everybody that asks us how we came up with a house like this,” Messina concluded. “We send everybody to Morton. It’s the best building you can choose.”

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