A Workshop-Horse Barn Combo in Central Florida

August 25, 2016

With six major manufacturing plants and more than 100 construction centers nationwide, Morton Buildings completes thousands of projects for our family of satisfied customers each year. Morton specializes in a wide array of buildings types that suits a variety of customers’ needs, featuring farm, equestrian, suburban and commercial facilities.

For a family in central Florida, choosing one unique building need wasn’t enough.

Harold and his wife Jennie chose a 30'W x 10'H x 68'L Morton building that is split right down the middle – half as an electronics workshop for Harold and the other half as a horse barn for Jennie.

“I’d never dealt with Morton before. Folks have said they do a really good product. But you know, you never believe it until you see it. And I – at the end – was very impressed.”

The building in the little town of Reddick is made up of many of Morton’s trademark features: Hi-Rib steel, cupolas, skylights, wainscot and windows with shutters.

The horse barn portion of the facility showcases three stalls and a tack room. It also has double Dutch doors. The configuration of the facility allows a breeze to blow through the center aisle of the barn.

“My wife’s an architect and she was very impressed with how (Morton) able to put together some ideas that she had,” Harold said of the unique design. “We were very impressed with the way (Morton) was able … make suggestions and put it all together for us.”

Harold, who also stressed the importance of building a turnkey project, praised Morton’s construction crew out of Tallahassee.

“The truck delivered the materials and that was just an amazing sight to watch them do that,” he said. “I felt at ease, immediately, and that was a big deal for us at the time. Everything just seemed to be professionally done and professionally delivered.”

As it is with a large portion of first-time Morton Buildings owners, Harold hinted at the possibility of building with Morton again. He specifically mentioned the future construction of a facility with living quarters and a loft.

“We’ve been through some building processes and have been disappointed sometimes. But it actually turned out better than I expected.”

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