Making the Most of His First ‘Morton Experience’

January 19, 2015

A simple conversation among motor home enthusiasts got the ball rolling on one of the more unique Morton building projects in 2014. What’s the best way to protect the major investment that is a motor home?

“My friend up in Washington, D.C. has a motor home and he and I were talking,” Morton Buildings owner John told us last year. “I told him I was planning to build a motor home garage and he said don’t even think about building anything other than a Morton building.”

It’s a common theme among first-time Morton customers – receiving a referral from a friend or family member that had already discovered Morton’s place as a titan in the construction industry.

“He’s the type of friend I respect. I took his advice and didn’t even look at another vendor or competitor other than Morton. I called the local sales person, got the process going and the rest is history.”

One phone call to a construction center in nearby Murfreesboro was the only call to action Morton would need to deliver John’s 36’W x 16’H x 60’L garage in Gallatin, Tenn., a town nearly equidistant between Nashville and the Tennessee-Kentucky border.

Morton’s custom clear-span construction model lined up as a perfect fit for this project design that needed significant customization to store a massive vehicle.

“I just drew (my idea) on a piece of paper,” John explained when asked how the construction process started. (The sales consultant) provided a very thorough proposal that had precise drawings of everything. We changed those four or five times before we ended up with a final (plan).”

The garage also includes space for a tow car, workshop, storage and 30-square-foot bathroom. But the obvious main focus of the garage is the custom-made space for his prized motor home.

“I wanted to make sure I had plenty of room with the slides out and be able to take a rolling ladder all the way around the motor home without any restriction at all. That became the basis for the dimensions for the area of the motor home.”

The garage exterior is made up of Morton’s commercial-quality Hi-Rib steel. Wainscot surrounds the bottom of the perimeter. The building also includes windows with shutters and two cupolas, one of which is fully functional and powerful enough with an exhaust fan to remove exhaust from the motor home without opening windows.

John initially decided against installing heating, ventilating, and air conditioning for the garage, but quickly reconsidered when acknowledging an average Tennessee temperature in July regularly threatens 90 degrees. That decision led John to install Morton’s industry-renowned Energy Performer insulation package.

“I did put HVAC in, not because of the building not being insulated properly. I did it because it was insulated properly. I was able to put HVAC in and have it be a very nominal cost as far as operations are concerned. My energy costs are very reasonable.”

Morton’s building features, coupled with a commercial-grade epoxy floor surface installed after Morton’s construction process was complete, have friends, family and even strangers in the city of approximately 32,000 residents raving about John’s newest purchase.

“Everyone is just blown away by this building. The quality of it, the presentation of it, the appearance. People just marvel at this building.”

And while the good advice of a fellow motor home fanatic triggered the concept and construction of his beautiful 2,160-square-foot garage, he wouldn’t hesitate to pay it forward himself.

“If I were to build another garage, which I’m contemplating, I would go down the same road without any hesitation and would highly recommend that anyone else would do the same.”

Morton, of course, is a one-stop shop for building construction. A sales consultant handles all projects from concept to completion, including design, delivery and construction. You easily call the series of events the ‘Morton experience’.

“If you came up with one word to describe the Morton experience, it would be ‘quality’. It was a very quality process. The salesman was very professional. The gentlemen that installed it and built it were very professional and very quality-driven. The end product is a very quality product.”


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